Doc Obergefell was born March 19th 1977, Parents Martin Obergefell and Donna Perry, One Brother, 3 Sisters and many extended relatives. 

At an early age Doc watched his father play music in the local area and had a love for it, but would never pursue it until many years later. Born in New York and living all within the state until 1993 when Doc had moved to Concord NC, this is where things would come to take shape for the Doc we know today. Doc had started playing in a slew of odds and ends of bands (White Sands, Reality, Hate Stain, and Afterkill, but it would be his own formation of his own band Internal Addiction to where the real change would happen. A couple songs that were done at the time would later resurface in the future. The songs in question would be Cold Brisk Pain, Wasted. With Out You, and his opus Love Dies (Seclusion), but during the three years of the band thing would eventually fall apart, thus leaving Doc in a Stalemate about playing anymore, But then in 2003 Doc had met up with Sparky Simmons, which brought Doc back into the world of music, Sparky and Doc would eventually be the beginning pieces of Acid FM, Doc wrote with Sparky and a handful of other musicians over a few years Playing Bass and Singing lead Vocals and everything was good, They released an EP entitled Electroviolent Paradox as well and the single Delusion which was featured on The Surfaty Compilation. In 2007 Doc had to leave the band, and not on bad terms, something within the family had to be tended to. There was no choice so he departed but never losing contact. At that time Sparky carried the torch and took over singing and reformed Acid FM. Until the end of 2009 Doc stayed in New York, and even though he was out of the band he never stopped writing music. In the few years he wrote a bunch of new stuff, much darker than that of Acid FM. When Doc had moved back in NC Acid FM was rolling right along, and Doc was unable to join being the positions were filled, so he and Sparky got together and decided to write together on some stuff , Doc had brought all the new songs to Sparky and decided to put together his own project named Black Promises, where they had wrote and recorded to be released via MonsterFuzz Records, in August of 2012 it was released to rave reviews, Acid FM would be dismantled and reformed yet again for the Acid FM of Now. This line up would be Sparky Simmons, Doc Obergefell and Jeremiah Johnson. The band worked like mad men and started touring and were even able to release a new album J.A.M. (Justified American Music) in January 2013. Doc and Sparky were also featured on A Tribute CD for Monster Magnet as both Acid FM and Black Promises also getting awesome reviews, released in 2011 to tide over the people before the new album would began. Doc would say that his love for music is what gets him through, and Acid FM will always be, and now that so many doors have opened recently he looks forward to the future of both Acid FM & Black Promises and many other things to come.



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