Interview w/ Sparky Simmons of Acid FM by Sarah at Bloody Hell Promotions:

Bloody Hell Promotions: "Hey, lads. Thanks for getting in touch! How are you all?"

SparX: "Wonderful, Sarah!"

Bloody Hell Promotions: "Before Acid FM made their establishment in the Music Industry, were you in different bands, by any chance?"

SparX: "Yes, Sparky Simmons played guitar in the band Vile (North Carolina, USA 1994 through1995) & the band Static (North Carolina, USA 1995 thru 1998), Doc Obergefell was the vocalist for the bands Internal Addiction (North Carolina, USA 1994 through 1996)."

Bloody Hell Promotions: "Out of the years you've been together as a band, have you had many attention from the press (example: local music promoters, radio presenters, record labels, ect) ?"

SparX: "Yes quite a bit … as far local promoters, Divaker from 1065 The End’s 90 Minutes has featured Acid FM in past, especially when we were starting out as a live act in 2003 & 2004. We signed an indie deal with SurFaty Records in 2005, they featured Acid FM as the first track on a 15 song Compilation CD and they put out Acid FM’s First Official release (6-song EP) “Electroviolent Paradox,” in 2006. Acid FM was in touch with David Geffen’s management company in 2007, they were ready for us to go, hit the road, and had arranged some serious advertising & tour support … the promoters were weary of us since we were so new, and it never happened. At that time we were also in touch with A & R from Capitol Records, and we just wanted something other than the simple developmental deal and we could never reach a solid agreement that worked for both of us. Rick Rubin contacted Acid FM on myspace of all places in 2008, he got wind of what was going on with us, and basically said he would love to produce us, again hindering on some kind of deal. Howard Stern has mentioned through some common friends he would play the upcoming Black Sabbath cover “War Pigs,” slated to be released in 2012, I really hope that happens."

Bloody Hell Promotions: "Are you hoping to come to the UK on tour any time soon?"

SparX: "Yes, the American Economy is not going to be an obstacle for us, we just need to get everything lined up with the promoters, and the summer of 2012 could be the big year! We are keeping our fingers crossed."

Bloody Hell Promotions: "Have you had any contact with/from Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang! TV about broadcasting/playing your music live?"

SparX: "No, I have actually never heard anything from them, I think mainly because Acid FM doesn’t qualify to what they consider Metal, I say that with no punn intended."

Bloody Hell Promotions: "Name one solo artist and one band you would like to tour the world with, where and why."

SparX: "The solo artist would be Ozzy Osbourne, the band would be Monster Magnet, and Acid FM would open that tour! Where?... The UK, to Australia, to Los Angeles! Why? Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet & Ozzy have not only influenced me over the years, but are 2 of my heroes, if you know what I mean? Thanks so much!"

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