05.25.19 -
"Fight The Future," is out and available as a free MP3 download with this link.

10.01.17 -
ew Acid FM music & video "All Seeing Eye." https://youtu.be/niW_uo-8jyU

07.16.17 -
3 new Acid FM videos are now available on Reverb Nation, "Falling," "Universal Fire," & "Surge," all cuts from High Octane Frequency.

07.09.17 -
Acid FM is more than few weeks deep into this re-invention, & videos are in production. Everything is in motion & we are Full Steam Ahead!

05.31.17 - A new live Acid FM line-up is underway, & everything is full steam ahead!

05.03.17 -
Acid FM is in full swing, our new album & videos are in production, plus there are so many new ideas coming to the table. It is ALL coming out with a whole new everything.

04.23.17 -
Acid FM is undergoing some major changes. We're working on a new everything,... a free video album of HOF TBA plus live dates coming soon!

04.17.17 -
Congrats! Sparky Simmons' daughter, Eleanor, was born.

02.26.17 -
Acid FM got some killer reviews for the song, "Falling." If you haven't heard it you should listen to it right now. Below are a few:

-“I love this song instrumentally. I like that the instrumentals are so well organized that I anticipate the way the artist/vocalist will sound and love his voice as well when I do hear him.”

-“The guitar in this is really nice. I love that bell in the background too. This is really emotion invoking and feeling. I dig the vibe that it creates. Thanks so much.”

02.10.17 -
Currently we're working on a full album HOF video release for you tube. Acid FM is going strong & planning for the next big thing! BE THERE!

12.15.16 -
Acid FM is busy w/ 3 recording sessions w/ 3 different drummers & we sound better than ever before. EVERYTHING Acid FM just got interesting!

11.15.16 -
Acid FM's High Octane Frequency is out & available. On
another front Acid FM's Luna Allure will see completion by the end
of 2016, \m/

11.04.16 -
3 new Acid FM songs are available for streaming here on Reverb Nation. TUNE IN!

10.23.16 -
It's up, out and READY! The long awaited High Octane Frequency CD is available for pre-order & immediate free download upon purchase. Go here: http://acidfm.com/hof.htm

09.26.16 -
Acid FM's much anticipated, "High Octane Frequency," will be available on 10.20.16. Pre-order page coming soon!

09.10.16 -
Our latest album, "High Octane Frequency," is about to get an official release date, & Doc's album cover is posted on facebook.

08.21.16 -
I just heard High Octane Frequency, beginning to end & It is officially... REAL, and all I can say is WOW!. CD release coming really soon!

08.09.16 -
At long last Acid FM's "High Octane Frequency," is complete, we're taking a week to make any final changes, & this is out! GET READY! \m/

06.30.16 -
Acid FM LIVE! Saturday July 2nd at the Backstreet Cafe'
In Roanoke, VA. 1st show since we freed ourselves from the studio cage. Get up, get out and live something ... don't watch it later!

06.21.16 -
The "High Octane Frequency," album is becoming a sonic monster everyday. Release date coming soon! Acid FM LIVE 7/2 at the Backstreet Café.

06.04.16 -
Absolutely killer Acid FM rehearsal tonight, there will be lots of song debuts on July 2nd at the Backstreet Cafe', we are all ready! \m/

05.26.16 - 
Acid FM is back, & I mean REALLY BACK with a Vengeance, LIVE! Backstreet Café Roanoke, VA, Sat, July 2nd. I dare you to be there! \m/

05.16.16 -  Acid FM's Free 4 song MP3 download is available at this link


05.08.16 -
Acid FM nailed the live version of High Octane Frequency tonight & it is all coming together so well now. Album release date coming soon!

04.23.16 -
Tonight's Acid FM rehearsal was on point & in the zone. Our album is getting closer to completion & the free download is coming soon! \m/

04.11.16 -
Spent the last few weeks working on the new Acid FM album & the 4 song promo should be completed & uploaded in the next week or so. \m/

03.20.16 -
OFFICIAL: Acid FM is set to release a 4-song download pre-order for High Octane Frequency, titled, "A Prelude to High Octane Frequency," 2 songs are from High Octane Frequency & 2 songs are unreleased, exclusives. Track Include:

1, Up From Above (High Octane Frequency)
2. Dream Catcher (High Octane Frequency)
3. Greed Machine (Original Studio Vision)
4. Celestial Solstice (Luna Allure Sessions)

03.14.16 - High Octane Frequency final mixes are close, & if there's ever been an Acid FM album to hear its this one... by far! COMING SOON! \m/

03.05.16 -
Acid FM is a few weeks deep into production on High Octane Frequency, & we're focusing on playing again, shows coming soon, Be there!

03.02.16 -
Acid FM  rehearsals like tonight, honestly there is no other place on Earth I would rather be! Be THERE!

02.24.16 -
Acid FM is on its way to being LIVE again, we spent the Fall & Winter in the studio writing & recording, it's time to get in the wind again!

02.12.16 -
Acid FM's upcoming album release, "High Octane Frequency," is currently in the pipe; 5 x 5. \m/

02.10.16 -
Acid FM rehearsed tonight, & it was a full-on frontal assault to the senses. We are moving forward in directions never imagined, can't wait.

02.07.16 -
And... High Octane Frequency is recorded, today was the last studio session & we're jumping straight into post production, & album design!

01.26.16 -
Acid FM recorded more vocal tracks, & w/ one more session we will have the album completely recorded. So ready to hear the finished product.

01.25.16 -
Acid FM's High Octane Frequency is getting closer to completion everyday, we're so very close & it sounds amazing! We'll be Live again soon!

01.19.16 - 
The 3 headed Acid FM horse is looking to become the 4 Horsemen, so we're officially looking for a 2nd Guitarist+, & the 4th Acid FM member!

01.18.16 - Acid FM is in the studio & working hard. Our High Octane Frequency album is taking shape beautifully, & we're ready for the next big thing.

01.04.16 - We're recording everyday now, all the music is done & its vocal tracks from here on; this record really is a new us, in a big way. BE THERE!

12.31.15 -
Acid FM's High Octane Frequency is in production full steam ahead, we're plotting our next tour & 2015 is History! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

12.28.15 -
There are so many Acid FM things I want say right now, but the only thing that comes to mind is R.I.P. Lemmy Kilmister.

12.23.15 -
Our latest & greatest creation has really taken shape over the last week. All the music for High Octane Frequency is recorded, the only thing that remains are the vocal tracks. We are going WAY overboard with vocal tracks and vocal production and mainly we're doing what we do best; Pushing every boundary into a different place. We wish everyone the very best, we're all looking forward to 2016! BE THERE!

12.11.15 -
Acid FM's upcoming album release, "High Octane Frequency," is truly becoming THE defining Acid FM album. It's what we've been waiting for.

12.04.15 - I (Sparky Simmons) am spending the entire evening in the studio recording Rhythm Guitar tracks. They're only 6 more songs I need to complete the guitar work on, after that we'll knock out all the vocals and then "High Octane Frequency," will be ready to mix. Can't wait.

12.02.15 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was so different, we spent the time working on vocals, & 3 part vocal arrangements, YES it's changing, BE THERE!

11.22.15 - Acid FM is in the studio & working HARD! Spent the last 6 days meticulously going through drum takes & tracks & getting the finalized drum takes done. We are recording bass next, & then .. everything else. COMING SOON!

11.16.15 -
Acid FM spent this weekend recording drums for our next CD. Kudos to our drummer, Mark Lefler for awesome job! Doc is up next, it's rolling!

11.14.15 -
Today, Acid FM is in the studio recording the last half of the new CD. We're all stoked & ready to make "High Octane Frequency," a reality.

11.08.15 -
The last song was perfected tonight, we're about to record & release an exclusive sneak preview track, Acid FM is gearing up for 2016! BE THERE!!

11.02.15 -
Acid FM is on the move & ready for more. New material is flowing like water, & we are putting it all together. This new CD is gonna rock!

10.28.15 -
Absolutely utterly amazing, it really was just one of those nights. We're working the remaining songs for the album & are you in? BE THERE!!

10.21.15 -
Acid FM is making amazing new music, & headed in some amazing new directions. Everything is EXACTLY where it should be, are you? BE THERE!

10.18.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was right where it needed to be, there is a lot going on & everything is moving forward. More news coming soon!!

10.08.15 -
WOW! Acid FM rehearsal tonight was pure writing, this new record is really coming together & we're looking forward to the next big thing!

10.01.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight brought us a new tune & everything moved in the right direction. Big things coming soon, BE THERE!

09.23.15 -
Acid FM dedicates tonight's rehearsal to the wonderfully talented actress Tuesday Knight . You Rock .

09.14.15 -
Acid FM Rehearsal tonight was insanely together & there, it was like the 1st day of tomorrow or the 1st day of forever! Wish you were here!

09.13.15 -
Lots of new Acid FM music is being created, this next album is going to see the start of a whole new everything, we're writing everyday!

09.06.15 -
Acid FM had a different kind of rehearsal tonight, lots accomplished & it's moving forward, we find ourselves making music, BE THERE!!!

08.30.15 -
Acid FM is kicking it hard right now, this new album is going to be the biggest & best yet. I see it all happening over this upcoming year!

08.26.15 -
WOW! What an awesome Acid FM jam tonight! New songs, new everything, it's so more alive now than ever! We are on our way baby, BE THERE!

08.22.15 -
More tracks from the new CD were recorded, along with more writing, we're alive kickin' & making this new Acid FM invention go! BE THERE!

08.12.15 -
Acid F
M rehearsed tonight for the first time since...Texas. We have been through trenches lately but we are in writing mode, & making it go!

08.06.15 -
Acid FM is about to undergo some amazing changes & everything is going to be bigger & better, in every way. New Studio album coming soon!

08.03.15 -
Acid FM is working on the next studio album, & it is going oh so very well, guitar tracks were recorded tonight; wish you were here.

07.29.15 -
Recording guitar tracks tonight, just got back from SC & BLAM in the studio tonight! More info coming soon! BE THERE!

07.24.15 -
Acid FM is slowly coming back from a break, & we are using this time to invent a whole new thing, beyond anything else previously. Be There!

06.29.15 -
Due to unfortunate circumstances COMPLETELY out of our control, Acid FM's tour is cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are taking a short break and will return soon.

06.15.15 -
OK, that's it! The Next time Acid FM performs together we'll be on tour! Nothing left to do but Burn up the road, SEE YOU SOON, BE THERE!

06.13.15 -
Acid FM has 1 more rehearsal until the tour, all dates will be posted by June 18th! In 4 days from now Acid FM will officially be on tour!

06.11.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal was insanely energetic, when you've got 38 shows in 42 days hanging over your head, the volume is at 11. Info coming soon!

06.09.15 -
Every day and every night Acid FM will be Burning Up The Road starting June 19th! It's something you can't miss so Be THERE & See you there!

06.07.14 -
Big News on the Burning Up The Road Storm Front... All dates will be announced this coming Tues, Stay Tuned! Everything is happening now!!

06.04.06 -
Acid FM is ready to Burn Up The ROAD! We're working new songs, & getting ready for 1 wild ride! Everything is in the right place, BE THERE!

06.02.15 -
The fire was lit tonight, & the flames burned high with the sound of Acid FM. We are ready to hit the road & enjoy one wild ride BE THERE!

05.31.15 -
Acid FM is on the move & ready to explode on the national scene. The Burning up the Road Summer Tour starts June 19th in FL... BE THERE!!

05.28.15 -
Some new cover songs for the tour were worked tonight, if you only knew how cool it was to finally play that song LIVE! Acid FM is THERE!

05.24.15 -
The word is in! Acid FM's Burning Up The Road Tour is gonna take you places you never thought possible... BE THERE, updates coming soon!

05.21.15 -
Tonight Acid FM sounded like a band about to go on its 1st ever North American World Tour, were Burning Up The Road Baby! BE THERE!

05.19.15 -
The acidfm.com website just got a huge update, "Last Exit To Nowhere," is now available on CD or download. DO yourself a favor, and let this album take your mind places only it can, BE THERE!

05.16.15 -
Acid FM's "Last Exit To Nowhere," CD performed LIVE in its entirety, ONE NIGHT ONLY... TONIGHT... BE THERE!

05.14.15 -
Acid FM's Last Exit To Nowhere CD release party at the Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, VA Sat. May 16th. LIVE in its entirety, 1 night BE THERE

05.10.15 -
A wise man once said, "Let what you want in life... find you." Acid FM LIVE!, Sat. May 16th at the Backstreet Cafe' Roanoke, VA! BE THERE!

05.07.15 -
The One and ONLY sneak preview of Acid FM's "Last Exit To Nowhere," album is being played on Rocker's Dive Radio, check it out!

05.05.15 -
Silence is golden & Acid FM is best served on the rocks.... a great big everything is coming soon! BE THERE for The Last Exit To Nowhere!!

05.03.15 -
Acid FM's "Last Exit To Nowhere," performed Live in its entirety, for the 1st &last time. Sat, May 16th @ the Backstreet Cafe'... BE THERE!

04.30.15 -
Acid FM's long awaited, "Last Exit To Nowhere," album is set to be released on Fri. May 15th 2015. It's all happening baby! ... BE THERE!

04.23.15 -
Get ready for Acid FM LIVE! Art Attack at the Rock Shop Sat., April 25th a night where all art forms unite! $2 at the door BE THERE! \m/

04.21.15 -
Big Jam TONIGHT! Art Attack this coming Saturday, April 25th at the The Rock Shop in Fayetteville, NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE BABY! BE THERE! \m/

04.19.15 -
Back in the saddle, get ready for Acid FM LIVE April 25th at the Rock Shop in Fayetteville, NC, for the ART ATTACK Festival! BE THERE!!

04.16.15 -
Acid FM's studio daze was all about that bass. Doc's performance tonight was enchanting & just... THERE in every way, Vox & Guitars next!

04.14.15 -
Acid FM completed all of the Drum tracks tonight.. LOVING THIS STUDIO DAZE! More High Octane Frequencies COMING SOON...BABY! GET SOME!

04.09.15 -
Acid FM is on FIRE! Studio time this Sat. April 11th for the latest greatest tunes, Tour info coming in every day, It's all Happening! \m/

04.07.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was a pure recovery in every way, everything felt back on track. Burning up the Road Tour info coming soon! \m/

04.06.15 -
Acid FM has a big week coming up! We're recording everything we have written with Mark Lefler going back to July of 2014 when he officially joined Acid FM, so 8 new studio songs and 4 LIVE tracks recorded at the Rock Shop this past March 13th! SO MUCH HAPPENING with the tour and everything else, BE THERE! \m/

03.31.15 -
After all the work on the previous Acid FM recordings, we're going to record the 8 new songs we have written with Mark, more info TBA!

03.29.15 -
Lots accomplished in the Acid FM camp tonight, w/ Mark's new Gretch Kit & it sounds amazing! Burning Up The Road Tour info coming soon!

03.26.15 -
Acid FM has some smokin' hot new material, & tonight everything was so razor sharp. Last Exit to Nowhere CD cover coming soon. Are you in?

03.24.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal went to space & back again, we call those Time Warps. Big news on the way about the Burning Up the Road Tour, Stay Tuned!

03.22.15 -
Acid FM is on fire with new material, it's blowing everything out of the water. Burning Up the Road Tour info coming soon! Are you in? BE THERE!

03.17.15 -
Big Jam on the every front, Burning Up The Road Tour info Coming Soon! BE THERE!

03.12.15 -
Wow, big Acid FM show tomorrow night at The Rock Shop in Fayetteville, NC Hope you all can be there!

03.08.15 -
Acid FM set the controls for the heart of the sun tonight, Burning up the Road tour dates coming soon. Acid FM Live at the Rock Shop, 2/13!

03.05.15 -
Everything is truly in the Right place, Acid FM is Burning up the Road starting this June. Live this coming Fri. at The Rock Shop! BE THERE!

03.03.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal was jammin' tonight, we nailed set the for upcoming show in Fayetteville, NC at the Rock Shop this coming March 13th. \m/

03.01.15 -
Big work day today at the Acid FM camp. We will be burning up the road all summer long, dates & info coming soon! BE THERE!

02.26.15 -
On the upside, & in the groove. Acid FM LIVE all over the place, Burning up the Road, Coming SOON! March dates in OH Coming Soon! BE THERE!

02.24.15 -
Big Jam in the Sky Tonight. Acid FM is gonna be Burning Up the Road, comin' atcha LIVE! 1st ever National US Tour! BE THERE!

02.22.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal was amazing tonight, new things, big news... ALL COMING SOON! BE THERE!

02.19.15 -
Onward to another time in space, where the sound is beyond the senses! Big News coming soon, Acid FM is on verge of something beyond limits!

02.15.15 -
Tonight is the NIGHT! Acid FM LIVE at Amos' Southend, 1423 S. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC. A Day Late for Love! BE THERE!

02.12.15 -
Acid FM Big Jam in the Sky baby... Acid FM LIVE Sunday, February 15th at Amos' Southend, A Day Late for Love... BE THERE & don't be Late!

02.11.15 -
Acid FM nailed our set for this coming Sunday's A Day Late for Love show, Live at Amos' Southend. BE THERE!

02.08.15 -
Amazing Acid FM Rehearsal today. Acid FM LIVE! Sun. Feb. 15th at Amos' Southend BE THERE!

02.05.15 -
To the Rock, to the Roll, Onward! Acid FM rehearsal was outta sight! Big news coming soon! BE THERE!

01.29.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal was dressed to kill baby! Acid FM LIVE & outta sight! Sat. Jan. 31st at the World Famous Milestone, $5 cover! BE THERE!!!

01.27.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was all in the pocket, Acid FM LIVE Sat. Jan. 31st, @ the Milestone in Charlotte, NC. only $5 @ the door BE THERE!

01.22.15 -
Acid FM LIVE! Friday, January 23rd at the Back Street Cafe' in Roanoke, VA w/ Attakk & Death Blues, plus all the usual suspects. BE THERE!

01.20.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was probably the most intense ever, we're gearing up for the Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, VA this coming Fri. Jan. 23rd. The plan is simple: BLOW THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE! BE THERE if you dare! \m/

01.18.15 -
Acid FM is #1 on Reverb Nation, & we birthed a new song into existence tonight! Acid FM LIVE! The Backstreet Cafe, Roanoke, VA Fri. Jan 23rd!

01.15.15 -
Big Jam tonight! More shows coming up that are can't miss. Acid FM LIVE! Fri. Jan 23rd at the Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, VA BE THERE!

01.13.15 -
Outta sight & outta this world! We completed the 4th new Acid FM tune w/ Mark Lefler on drums tonight, it was insanely excellent! BE THERE!

01.11.15 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was all new material, we have written 4 songs with Mark so far and they sound AMAZING! We're making that climb!

01.08.15 -
Smokin' hot Acid FM jam tonight, on a VERY COLD DAY! Acid FM LIVE! at the Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, VA. Fri Jan. 23rd! BE THERE!

01.06.15 -
Acid FM is gearing up for the Backstreet Cafe' show on Friday, Jan. 23rd, we are all looking forward to it! BE THERE! Excellent JAM tonight.

01.04.15 -
The Amos' Southend show last night was excellent, even though we all endured the rain, the traffic jams from the game, and all the chaos, over all it went well & was an excellent show. Looking forward to another one soon. \m

01.01.15 -
The Acid FM show at Amos' Southend this coming Saturday Jan. 3rd is Definitely going to be an amazing show, because I broke a string at rehearsal and Mark broke a snare head. This is about 8th time this has happened, when I break a string on the last rehearsal before a show, those are ALWAYS the BEST SHOWS! BE THERE!

12.30.14 -
Acid FM was on FIRE during rehearsal tonight, We're ready for Amos' Southend Sat. Jan. 3rd BE THERE! Wheels, Deals, & Neck Ties COMING SOON!

12.28.14 -
Rocking evening tonight at Acid FM rehearsal, I wish you were here. Acid FM LIVE! Sat. Jan. 3rd. Amos Southend in Charlotte, NC! BE THERE!!

12.23.14 -
Acid FM is waiting for the Roar! LIVE! Sat. Jan. 3rd at Amos' Southend! Get in touch for advance tickets! Everything is in the right place!

12.21.14 -
Acid FM Live! Sat. Jan. 3rd at Amos Southend! Hit me up for discount advanced tickets! WORLDS WILL COLLIDE! BE THERE! \m/

12.18.14 -
Big jam tonight in the Acid FM camp. Acid FM Live at Amos' Southend, Fri. Jan. 3rd! "Last Exit To Nowhere," is COMING SOON! BE THERE!

12.16.14 -
Acid FM's long awaited CD release, "Last Exit To Nowhere," is COMING VERY SOON! Acid FM LIVE! Sat. Jan. 3rd at Amos Southend! BE THERE!

12.14.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was freaking awesome, we nailed the 19 songs Mark knows, made out the set list for the Amos' Southend show on Saturday, January 3rd, & the set for the Backstreet Cafe' on Friday, January 16th, really looking forward to all the gigs coming up, and everything Acid FM in 2015! BE THERE!

12.11.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was awesome, & shows are coming in! Acid FM LIVE January 16th at the Back Street Cafe' in Roanoke, VA! BE THERE!

12.09.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal ROCKED tonight! Come see Acid FM LIVE at Amos' Southend, Sat. Jan. 3rd 2015! Get in touch for tickets, BE THERE!

12.07.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was a huge work day, Mark learned the last song off the up coming CD & everything sounded awesome! MORE COMING! BE THERE!

12.04.14 -
Acid FM rehearsed tonight, freaking amazing & a lot accomplished. Looking forward to 2015 & EVERYTHING Acid FM! New album coming soon!!

12.03.14 -
Acid FM Live! Sat., Jan. 3rd, Amos' Southend! BE THERE! Acid FM dropped the bomb on rehearsal tonight! It was a crazy good hell yeah night!

12.02.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal: 1 down, 2 to go! Big week, lots going on in the Acid FM Camp, Shows, Albums, You name it, we're doing it! BE THERE!

11.29.14 -
The new Acid FM CD (yet untitled) will be coming out soon , there has been so much more going on. Aside from that, I recently re-recorded vocals tracks from Acid FM's 2010 CD entitled, "Luna Allure." It will be a double CD with all the songs from that time period & that line-up. EVERYTHING Acid FM is just around the corner to the Light of Day!

11.26.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was insanely amazing. 3 shows coming in January at The Milestone, Amos' Suuthend, & Roanoke, VA. SEE YOU ALL THERE!!

11.23.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was a power house, could not have been better! Lots of shows coming up in 2015, as we branch out of NC! Hope to see you!

11.22.14 -
Acid FM's Current Chart Ratings: 
#1 for Psychedelic Rock in United States, North Carolina
#48 for Psychedelic Rock in United States
#2 on Reverb Nation (we range between 1 & 3 constantly, out of 450 bands in the Charlotte, NC area)

11.20.14 -
17 songs! Our drummer Mark Lefler has learned 17 songs that are to the point they can be played Live or even recorded. That's amazing for someone who has only been working in Acid FM since July of this year! It's sounding better than it ever has!

11.18.14 -
Acid FM is very close to having that new CD ready to be debuted LIVE! BE THERE! Everything is in the right place & on the up n' up!!

11.16.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was dead on tonight. MonsterFuzz Records is going to be releasing so much material throughout 2015. New & Old Acid FM Material, along with Black Promises, & Space Mirrors should be available there too. Not to mention more live shows in the works, everything is slowly falling into the right place. \m/

11.13.14 -
Phenomenal Acid FM rehearsal tonight! We are learning new material & breaking new ground every night! LIVE SHOW DATES COMING SOON BE THERE!

11.12.14 -
JAM JAM! Acid Fm rehearsal was more than awesome, we worked some ideas out as well worked on some songs for the CD release party, coming soon! Dates in Charlotte & Virginia are coming up for January, plus a whole lot more! BE THERE! \m/

11.09.14 -
The show night last night at the Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, VA was awesome. Pandora's Box, Paradigm Project, ... we all rocked! We hope to do it again soon! -Sparky Simmons

Thanx everyone who came out tonight in Roanoke VA . you all kick ass. -Doc

11.06.14 -
Tonight was the last Acid FM rehearsal until this coming Saturday night's show. Tonight rocked beyond belief; Our Manager stopped by and had a conversation with us about Acid FM, & everything is headed in the right direction. With that being said, if you are in the Roanoke, VA area come see Acid FM LIVE at the Backstreet Cafe this coming Saturday, Nov. 8th BE THERE! \m/

11.04.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was dead-on and we are more than ready for the Roanoke, VA show at the Backstreet Cafe' on Saturday, Nov. 8th. BE THERE! \m/

11.02.14 -
It was a big night in the Acid FM camp, new songs are being worked out, the rehearsals are so sharp now, and every thing is not only in the place but it's on the money! Mark Lefler has made an amazing addition to the band, and has definitely brought something more to the sound! Acid FM LIVE! Saturday, Nov. 8th, Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, VA! BE THERE! \m/

10.30.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was sharp & on the money! We are gearing up for the show at the Backstreet Cafe' in Roanoke, Virginia, Saturday, Nov. 8th BE THERE!  

10.28.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was kicking tonight,... Everything felt & sounded AMAZING! We are gearing up for the Roanoke, VA show on November 8th, BE THERE!


10.26.14 -
We canceled the show at the Evening Muse tonight because we did not receive enough information about the show before hand (complete cluster), and we were told we had to use the house Drums & Bass amp. That was never a condition of the agreement nor was giving Han to this bounty hunter... (Oh wait, sorry was watching Empire Strikes Back today). But when conditions change to the garbage like what happened tonight... we walk! We did however come home and rehearse! JAM!

10.23.14 -
Killer Acid FM Jam tonight, we graced the world with set of non-stop Rock n' Roll! Looking forward to the show at Evening Muse this coming Sunday, Oct. 26th & Backstreet Cafe's show in Roanoke, VA on Saturday, Nov. 8th. BE THERE!

10.21.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was spectacular tonight, we nailed everything, and it was all in the right place. Acid FM LIVE, Sun. Oct. 26th at the Evening Muse. BE THERE!

10.19.14 -
Excellent Acid FM rehearsal tonight, we've got the set down for the Evening Muse show, this coming Sunday, Oct. 26th in NoDa! BE THERE! \m/!

10.14.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was awesome, we nailed set for the show at the Evening Muse on Sun., Oct. 26th, & the police got a noise complaint! JAM!

10.12.14 -
Acid FM beat the hell outta the set tonight, one of the best so far! Looking forward to the Evening Muse show, Sun. Oct. 26th. BE THERE!

10.09.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was nothing but a jam, working out some new material. Acid FM LIVE Sunday, September 26th at the Evening Muse! BE THERE!!

10.02.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was intense, get ready for Acid FM Live! Sun. Oct. 26th at the Evening Muse in NoDa! Details coming soon! BE THERE!

09.30.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was 10 up & 10 down! The sound was there tonight, & we're all looking forward to shows for the fall & winter. BE THERE!!

09.28.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was amazing, so much done with so much to be done! Wheels, Deals, Limos, Neck Ties, & Contracts. HIGH VOLTAGE! BE THERE!

09.25.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal rocked the setting sun, in a dazzling spectacle not available to those who aren't open to sound! Shows Coming! BE THERE!

09.21.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was kicking, we're working like mad to get all the material down, sounds amazing! Shows coming soon, BE THERE!

09.18.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was a show of how much 3 people can accomplish in a short time. Mark Lefler, myself & Doc are all on the up n' up! Live shows Coming Soon! BE THERE!

09.16.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was intense and just... THERE in every way! Mark has really made one hellacious edition to the band, It could not be better, Limos, Demos, Neck Ties, Contracts & High Voltage all coming soon! BE THERE! \m/

09.14.14 -
The Acid FM rehearsal sound tonight was off the scale; WOW! is all I can say. We are taking the rest of September to get lots of material down with Mark Lefler on drums, then we are going to play as many shows as possible until the Spring when we tour, BE THERE!

09.12.14 -
Ok new unreleased Acid FM CD, it's just you and me, Mixing ALL DAY! \m/

09.11.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was kicking tonight.. the 3 of us are chipping away all the material with Mark Lefler, and the dimension his drumming brings to the band is unlike anything, we are all loving it! Show Dates coming soon! Be There! \m/

09.09.14 -
Acid FM is on the good foot with everything! Rehearsal tonight was awesome, Mr. Mark Lefler has nailed yet another song and gave it a whole new dimension with his drumming. We are going to spend September and some of October rehearsing like mad, and getting that live bond stronger and stronger. For the first time in a while, everything is in the right place!

09.07.14 -
Acid FM sounded like a well-oiled machine tonight at rehearsal; Phenomenal! We spent the earlier part of the day at a photo shoot with the lovely Tanya Barbee, and aside from getting hundreds of awesome, usable photos... we ended up having a rather lengthy conversation with Mcguire Nuclear Station security, one was armed with an AR-15 Assault Rifle, although it was a public area, and there were no signs saying, "no cameras," anywhere, we were asked to delete photos with Nuclear Turbines in the background... we politely complied. So funny.... live shows are being booked now, BE THERE!

08.31.14 -
It was a freaking phenomenal Acid FM rehearsal tonight, WE ARE READY! In lieu of the show we are playing this coming Tuesday, Sept. 2nd at the World Famous Milestone,... Charlotte, NC's own 106.5 The End Played Acid FM's song "Desire," tonight ... There is something magically awesome about turning on the radio randomly and hearing yourself on it.

08.28.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was awesome, the flow was there, and the songs are becoming more perfected with each passing practice. Acid FM LIVE! Tuesday, September 2nd at the World Famous Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC BE THERE!

08.26.14 -
WOW! Acid FM is 100 percent ready for the show at the Milestone in Charlotte, NC this coming Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. Mr. Mark Lefler has a come an amazingly long way in a very short time, This coming show is not only his first show with Acid FM, ...It's a FREE SHOW, BE THERE!

08.24.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was excellent, and the vibe was really there as well, JAM! We are looking forward to Stan's Milestone Birthday Bash, Tues. Sept. 2nd at The Milestone in Charlotte, NC BE THERE BABY!

08.21.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was kicking, the show at the Milestone will be a Milestone, Mark Lefler has come a very long way in a short period, Myself & Doc are more than impressed, Acid FM LIVE! Tuesday, September 2nd at the Milestone in Charlotte! BE THERE!

08.19.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was... just ... WOW! Tonight felt like everything clicked & I mean really clicked for the first time, and we ALL FELT IT! I could not be be happier right now! Acid FM LIVE, Tuesday, Sept. 2nd at the Milestone in Charlotte, first show w/ Mark Lefler on Drums! BE THERE!

08.15.14 -
Acid FM is on the move, on the money & ready to be on the road! Rehearsals w/ Mark Lefler on drums are sounding really awesome, & at long last we finally got invited to the Milestone in Charlotte, NC on Septermbet 2nd. Everyone needs to be there! More info Coming Soon!

08.12.14 -
Tonight's Acid FM practice was a whirlwind of everything just .. going & flowing! We're all itching to play LIVE, coming soon! 

08.10.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was intense, our set is being worked hard by our new drummer Mark Lefler. There is such a vibe now unlike any other... This current line-up Rocks unlike any other! Live shows coming soon! BE THERE!

08.05.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was astounding in a way I have never heard, there was a vibe in the room and it just kept on coming, Mark Lefler's playing and abilities bring a flavor to Acid FM I could have never dreamed of... Live shows along with limos, demos, neck ties & contracts... all coming soon! BE THERE!

08.03.14 -
Back in the Saddle! Tonight was Mark's first Acid FM rehearsal, all-n-all it sounded and felt great, he has a lot to do and some big shoes to fill, but it sounded awesome! Booking shows and getting back on stage is the only light for all of us right now! BE THERE!

07.29.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal w/ drummer, Mark Lefler, begin this coming Sun., Aug. 3rd. We are all ready, Live dates & tour info coming soon! BE THERE!

07.21.14 -
Acid FM has the WEEK OFF!...first time since... since.... ok, this is the first time ever in 3 years. Doc and I are looking forward to working with Mark Lefler, he is moving here from Virginia and we should be revved up and ready to go in about a week or so! WE'RE READY!

07.15.14 -
Mark Lefler is taking over on drums in Acid FM, he is moving here from Virginia, and will be ready to start rehearsal in about 2 weeks from now, looking forward to it. I have known Mark all my life, so this should be an amazing union.

We would like to thank Jeremiah Johnson for playing drums with Acid FM one last time this past Saturday night at the Salisbury Battle of the bands. Jeremiah is a good friend, and we will miss making music with him, we wish him & his family all the best. Paul Fleuret is no longer a part of Acid FM, we wish him all the best.

07.14.14 - The Salisbury Battle of the bands was a huge success, greater than anyone could have imagined. Congratulations to the band Type A for the win! Skyfold, My Revengence, Unhenged, Renowned Eternity, & The Days Remain all sounded amazing! We will do something again soon.

07.10.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was amazing tonight, there are positive changes coming up, but not before a nice, big, blast from the past. I am saying thank you and you know who you are! Don't miss the Salisbury Battle of the Bands, LIVE! Saturday, July 17th at the one and only Spoken Space Theater. 405 North Lee St. Salisbury, NC 29144. Doors open at 4:30 pm, $10 admission, BE THERE!!

07.06.14 -
Acid FM LIVE! Sat. July 17th at the Spoken Space Theater! 10 Bands, all day long! Tickets are $10.00 BE THERE!

07.01.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was on target tonight, everything felt great and the set felt good. Doc, Paul & Myself rocked it tonight, we had a crowd too... all the usual suspects, I really love nights like tonight. The next Acid FM show is July 12th BE THERE!

06.22.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was edgy & sharp, tonight we were a well oiled machine! LAST CALL for tickets to see Acid FM Live this coming Tuesday, June 24th at Tremont Music Hall. I have 4 tickets left, message me if you want a ticket to come see the first Acid FM show with Paul Fleuret on Drums! BE THERE!

06.19.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was good and solid tonight, our songs are like a blade that we all slowly sharpen and sharpen. We are so ready for this upcoming Show at Tremont Music Hall, Tuesday June, 24th. BE THERE!

06.17.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was really quite phenomenal tonight, we nailed the set and it really felt like 2nd nature. Doc & Paul seem to really have the dynamic established between bass and drums, and it was just amazing sounding on every level. Acid FM LIVE! Tuesday, June 24th at Tremont Music Hall, this is our first live show with Paul Fleuret on Drums, this is a can't miss show! BE THERE!

06.15.14 -
WOW! Acid FM rehearsal tonight was a powerhouse, I cannot put it into words, the energy was off the scale! We did a photo shoot today and those pics will be uploaded soon! Paul Fleuret has really brought something amazing to Acid FM and it makes for a WILD Ride! Acid FM's first show with Paul Fleuret on drums is Tuesday, June 24th at Tremont Music Hall! BE THERE! .. Baby!

06.12.14 -
WOW! Acid FM Practice tonight was intense and it hit me like a ... two ton... heavy thing! WOW! Paul Fleuret is really driving me & Doc musically! So glad Paul's wife, Barbara, came over tonight and our manager Stan was here for the whole night, it was an electric night over all. GOOD THINGS HAPPENING! Acid FM's first live show with Paul Fleuret on drums is at Tremont Music Hall on June 24th, BE THERE baby!

06.10.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal really SHINED tonight,... like never before. Paul's work culminated to tonight being the best Acid FM rehearsal to date. Paul is kicking down the doors and taking names! Everything is perfect! Acid FM Live Tuesday, June 24th, at Tremont Music Hall Be There!

06.08.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was on the money tonight, Paul has come a LONG WAY in a SHORT TIME! Our set for the June 24th show at Tremont Music Hall is going to Rock beyond belief. This is Paul's first show as the Acid FM Drummer! BE THERE! SO much going on!

06.05.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was Freaking Amazing, there is a whole new dimension to all the songs now and it is a good thing! We are all excited about everything coming up. Tremont Music Hall, Tuesday, June 24th BE THERE! This is a the first show with Paul Fleuret on drums, this is a can't miss.

06.04.14 -
And now we bring you another show announcement: We will be playing June 24th at Tremont Music Hall, opening up for Wayland, and playing alongside our friends in O.I.L and Fall Of Corruption. We will have tickets for sale for $10 a piece. This will be my first show with Acid FM and I couldn't be anymore excited. Message us for tickets.

06.03.14 -
Hello to all! I have yet to make a post to the page, so here goes: I would like to thank all the Acid FM fans who have welcomed me into the band with open arms. Sparky and Doc are two of the most creative and gifted musicians I have ever worked with, and I can't wait to see what the future holds in store for Acid FM. 

I'd like to wish Jeremiah the best of luck in his future endeavors, I have yet to meet him, but I can say that he set the bar pretty high, and laid the groundwork for me to work off of, and to this point it has been a challenge and a lot of fun trying to fill his shoes. I hope I can do him justice and carry on the great work that he started. 

I look forward to meeting as many of you Acid FM fans as possible, and I cannot wait to hit the stage with these guys to entertain you all. 

Thanks again for all the love and support. You guys make it all worth while.

06.01.14 -
Acid FM's new drummer Paul Fleuret is working out beautifully, we've got 5 songs that are ready to go live! There were lots of laughs today, discussing all the stuff a band has to handle, everything is in the right place... so yes, Rock N' Roll every day baby!

05.29.14 - Acid FM is pumping.. so much going on, and rehearsals are gearing up. Looking forward to Sunday.

05.25.14 -
After over two years, Acid FM drummer Jeremiah Johnson is leaving Acid FM to pursue other things in his life. Jeremiah informed us of all this over a month ago, & was kind enough to continue rehearsals and complete the May show schedule. Jeremiah is and will always be a good friend to me and Doc. Most importantly though, Jeremiah left for personal reasons and there is absolutely no animosity or personal conflicts between any of us in any way. On another note, a week before Jeremiah informed us of his departure, I met a very talented drummer by the name of Paul Fleuret who said to me, "I would love to make music you sometime," So, instead of holding auditions and going on the, "hunt," for a new drummer, I took meeting Paul as a sign of EXTREMELY Good Fortune. Doc and I have been working with Paul for several weeks now, he has already learned several songs and Acid FM is playing the first show with Paul on July 12th 2014 at none other than the Spoken Space Theater (formerly known as the Black Box Theater.) Changes happen, and I try to embrace them instead of rejecting them. Ultimately, Acid FM is stronger and is pushing Onward!

05.22.14 -
So it is, and so shall it be, Acid FM rehearsal was historic tonight, that's the best way to put it. Everything happens for a reason, and either way everything will be OK. I have said it before, I will say it for the LAST TIME... if you have never seen Acid FM, this coming Saturday night is the night...we got the set ready to go for the Horace Johnson Benefit Show, this coming Saturday, May 24th. BE THERE! JAM! 

05.20.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal felt good tonight, we got the set list arranged for the Horace Johnson Benefit show, this coming Saturday, May 24th at the Spoken Space Theater, (formerly the Black Box Theater). If you knew Horace Johnson this is a show you can't miss, plus there are some changes coming up in Acid FM and everything is looking and sounding beautiful! Playing that Rocks n' Roll baby, every day! 

05.18.14 -
Me (Sparky) & Doc had an EXCELLENT Jam session this afternoon with Paul Fleuret on Drums. The guy really is a beast on drums. Everything is in the Right place & could NOT be better!

05.15.14 -
WOW! Acid FM rehearsal was insane tonight, & we were scrambling at the last minute to figure out the details about tomorrow's show, all is good... always at the last minute though & I wouldn't have it any other way! Are You Ready for Boardstock 2014? Friday, May 16th in Elgin, SC, BE THERE BABY... this is a can't miss Acid FM performance, completely FREE!

05.13.14 -
WOW! What a night, the new Acid FM CD is sounding awesome & we are gearing up for Boardstock 2014, Fri. May 16th in Elgin, SC BE THERE!!!

05.08.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was kicking tonight, everyone is ready to play BOARDSTOCK 2014 in Elgin, Sc on Fri. May 16th. Be There!

05.06.14 -
Tonight Acid FM rehearsal was universally cool on every level, again we're just staying geared up for Board Stock 2014 in Elgin, SC on Friday, May 16th. The new album is officially in the mixing stage and is forming up well. But, outside of the usual I am going to so give you a warning about the new Modello Chelda Beer, it is made from tomatoes & lime (didn't know this when I bought them) and well it was like drinking a Budweiser & V8 juice mixed together. Yes, it was so bad I am warning all of you about it! JAM! LOL!

05.04.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was edgy, & powerful tonight, and mainly everything sounded exactly as it should. Everything we are rehearsing is for Boardstock 2014 on Friday, May 16th, & we are all looking forward to that show. On another note, the upcoming CD is recorded and will be mixed through out the rest of this month, more details on that TBA! JAM!

05.01.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was fun tonight, we went over some older material for the Boardstock 2014 show! Looking forward to it, and there is so much going on with this new album, lovin' every second of it baby! Coming Soon!

04.29.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was on the up n' up, felt great! Two shows coming up and change is in the air and it is not a bad thing at all! We're ready for whatever comes baby! Looking forward to Boardstock 2014, in Elgin, SC on May 16th & the Horace Johnson Benefit show on May 24th BE THERE! JAM!

04.27.14 -
I (Sparky Simmons) have been recording vocal tracks all week & all day today, 2 songs remain and the main vocals will be completed, after that it's backup vocals, some well-placed keys, samples and the album is ready to mix! We have had a break this past week, let's see what the circus holds when we start rehearsing again this coming Tuesday, April 29th!... looking forward to it!

04.26.14 -
I am still recording Vocal tracks and getting this new album ready to mix, everything is so very close to completion & it's all happening!

04.22.14 -
Recording more vocal tracks tonight, I should have all the vocals completed this weekend, this next album is such an evolution! JAM!

04.20.14 -
WOW! Acid FM finally broke 4k Likes on facebook. AWESOME! I am recording vocal tracks today for the new album, and mixing will begin soon. We are taking this entire upcoming week off, while our bassist is in New York visiting family. Lots going on, and everything is in the right place.

04.15.14 -
Excellent Acid FM rehearsal tonight, we have a small break coming up from April 20th through April 27th, and I will be recording & mixing this upcoming Acid FM CD, that is yet untitled. Booking some more shows and getting this Acid FM tour underway as well! Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows this past Friday & Saturday night, hope to see you all soon. Playing that Rocks n Roll baby.. every day!

04.11.14 -
The Acid FM show last night at Amos' Southend was AMAZING! Our manager said, "That was the best Acid FM show I have ever seen." Our Photographer Tanya was there and we have photos coming soon! It was so nice to see everyone too,  Thank you for coming out. Horace & Jack Your help was much appreciated! The whole night was magical!

04.10.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was BANGIN' BABY! TOMORROW! Fri. April 11 Acid FM LIVE! at Amos' Southend, this is a CAN'T MISS SHOW! All the Usual suspects plus a slew of Charlotte's Finest, and the lovely, tattooed model, Barbara Flueret will be there for everyone to meet. You got is ALL BABY! BE THERE! If you need tix I have 3 left, first come, first serve...just hit me up! JAM!

04.08.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was off the chain and on the loose tonight,  wheels, deals, limos, neck ties, & contracts baby, the first ever Acid FM North American Tour is officially on the plate and we will be performing in 14 different states through-out the beautiful month of August. UP NEXT Acid FM LIVE! at Amos' Southend this coming Friday night, BE THERE!

04.06.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was on fire tonight! We nailed the set for the two upcoming shows this weekend at Amos's Southend on Friday and Club Fuze in Gastonia on Saturday, everything was in the right place. The Next album is coming soon, Friday Night at Amos' is a can't miss show, be there baby! JAM!

04.03.14 -
The Ohio shows this past weekend were simply amazing, big Ohio crowds hungry for Rock N' Roll just knocked us out! Thanks to everyone for making that an unforgettable weekend! Up Next, Amos' Southend on Friday, April 11th with a slew of other Charlotte , NC bands, if you need a ticket shoot me a message, or BE THERE BABY! JAM! 

03.27.13 -
Look out Ohio, Acid FM is on the way first thing in the morning... for two weekend shows: 
1. Friday, March 28th in Girard, OH at the Crawlspace Concert Club
2. Saturday, March 29th in Geneva, OH at The Cove Niteclub. 
We are packed, stacked & ready to KILL! Ohio will never be the same! I am not going to post over this weekend, so I will have some good stories to share once we are back on Sunday! JAM!

03.25.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was a million dollars, the set was tasty & ready for the Ohio shows coming up this weekend! I also nailed some vocal tracks for the upcoming album last night and it was ALL IN THE RIGHT PLACE! Playing that rocks n roll every day .. baby! JAM!

03.23.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was on the money & out of sight tonight! We got the set together for the out-of-state shows coming up this weekend! Look out Ohio ... HERE WE COME! So, if you are in or around Girard, OH Acid FM will be playing there Friday, March 28th at the Crawlspace Concert Club, and then at the Cove Nightclub in Geneva, OH on Saturday March 29th. I wish you could all be there with us, every thing is Happening BABY! BE THERE!

03.20.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was magical sounding tonight, everything was in the right place. We nailed the sets for Girard, OH and Geneva, OH coming up on March 28th & 29th. Acid FM is a wildfire and we're making our way NORTH! Tour info coming soon! BE THERE!

03.18.14 -
Tonight, was one of the greatest nights in the history of Acid FM. we are GOING ON TOUR! and It is official, 22 shows in 22 days... coming to a local venue near you! We have a booking agent and it is being set up RIGHT NOW! Dates are looking to be August 1st thru August 22nd! GET READY BABY BECAUSE WE ARE COMING FOR YOU! I have no details right now other than at rehearsal tonight we all gave it the green light to be booked! BE THERE!

03.11.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight had an excellent vibe, every song seemed a step above! Also, we are not going to rehearse again until next Tuesday, because our drummer Jeremiah Johnson is getting married Saturday, Congrats Jeremiah & Cari! JAM!

03.09.14 -
Acid FM successfully recorded the last 2 songs for the upcoming CD, and it was an absolute JAM! Jeremiah & Doc did and amazing job, and I am going to complete my parts for these 2 songs this upcoming week! Shows, deals, wheels & limos ... ALL COMING UP! BE THERE!

03.06.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was just getting those last two songs ready this Sunday's recording session and everything is coming together beautifully, there are a couple more shows in the mix so I will be posting them as soon as they are confirmed. JAM!

03.04.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was all about preparation for one last, 2 song recording session for the next album release. This upcoming Acid FM album is the first ever complete representation of me (Sparky), Doc and Jeremiah. If there is an album to hear it's this one coming up! Acid FM is growing every day and becoming so much... MORE! And we as a band, LOVE IT! BE THERE BABY!

03.01.14 -
The show tonight at The Somewhere Else Tavern was absolutely awesome.. seeing Burley, Sonni, & Dave is always a blast. We hope to do another one soon, so be there baby! JAM!

02.27.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was On the money baby! It's ON, Friday February 28th at Tommy's Pub Free Admission, show starts at 10:00 PM, until 1:00. THEN... Saturday, March 1st at The Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, $5.00 Admission, show starts at 8:00, It's a Double header weekend, If you need an address check acidfm.com & BE THERE! Acid FM is up approx 350 votes and we have the contest in the bag! If you haven't though vote us up, because it's all over Friday at Midnight! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 

02.25.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was tight, edgy & ready for the Double header coming up this weekend, Friday from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM at Tommy's Pub in Charlotte, NC. ... Then on Saturday, at The Somewhere Else Tavern with 4 other bands, Acid FM goes on at 8:00 PM. BE THERE BABY! Everything is in the right place & getting better everyday. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR VOTING FOR FOR ACID FM KEEP THE VOTES COMING!

02.23.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was UNREAL! We nailed 3 hours worth of material flawlessly... there was a vibe in the air that made everything perfect it's own way! We have a double header coming up this weekend... 3 Hour set at Tommy's Pub on Fri. Feb. 28th & a 45 minute set at The Somewhere Else Tavern on Sat. March 1st. These are can't miss shows! BE THERE BABY! WE ROCK FOR YOU!!

02.20.14 -
WOW! Acid FM rehearsal tonight was nothing but getting ready for the show at Tommy' Pub on February 28th, we we're polishing some tunes we haven't even thought about in almost a year and getting them back for LIVE! I also just got word Acid FM will be playing at The Somewhere Else Tavern on Friday, March 1st. You need to BE THERE!

02.18.14 -
WOW! Acid FM rehearsal was outta sight, we have a 3, YES a 3 hour set to play live on February 28th at Tommy's pub in Charlotte, 2 hours no problem, but... 3 sets is gonna be crazy but we got them all laid out... getting ready for the show, can't wait to do it... BE THERE BABY!!

02.17.14 -
Due to the weather and driving conditions Acid FM had to cancel the show at The Somewhere Else Tavern on February 14th, rest assured after speaking their booking person, there will be a make-up date. We are glad the snow is gone and everything is back to normal, Acid FM is back on the train as of this week! BE THERE!

02.11.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was smoking tonight, we have the set together for The Somewhere Else Tavern show on February 14th, you need to BE THERE! The new album is coming along beautifully and everything is in the Right Place.

02.09.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was insane, crazy and good... there are some rare nights like tonight, where we are pushing it so hard like the world is coming to an end or something... , god I wish you all were with us! Tonight we prepared the best of the best songs for The Somewhere Else Tavern show on Friday, February 14th... BE THERE! This is gonna be a killer show baby!

02.06.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was awesome, we worked on the cover song, "You Could Be Mine," and are preparing for the show at the SWET on Friday, February 14th. BE THERE! We also need your votes too, click this link and vote for Acid FM

02.04.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was edgy tonight and sounding like a million bucks. We went through a lot material preparing for the upcoming show at The Somewhere Else Tavern on Friday, February 14th, not to mention some finishing touches on the upcoming CD release. I also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has stepped up and kept Acid FM in the lead on the voting for KATL's Wicked Awesome Show! LOVE YOU ALL!     Vote here:


02.02.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal today was INSANELY awesome, we spent the entire day learning the cover song, "You Could Be Mine," originally by Guns N' Roses, WOW! We didn't know anything about that song when we started today and when the night was over, we could not only get thorough the entire song, but it sounded GOOD! That is also going to be the Cover song on this upcoming Studio CD release. BE THERE!!

01.30.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was on the money tonight ...down to the penny. The new song is ABSOLUTELY BLOWING MY MIND! It is an evolution, to the greatest Rock n Roll you will ever know, YES I SAID THAT! Shows are coming in like wild fire and it's happening so fast I can't even keep up! BE THERE! LOVE YOU ALL!

01.29.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was amazing, a new song is rearing it's head and really sounding amazing too. 3 new shows coming up at the Somewhere Else Tavern, Crawlspace Concert club & Boardstock 2014, more info TBA... BE THERE BABY

01.26.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was a creation night, and with this new tune that just... fell together, it's safe to say the spirit of Jim Morrison was with us tonight. It is so hard to describe a song that was written out of nowhere, and EVERY SINGLE TIME we played it I got Chills... So YES...IT WILL MAKE THE ALBUM! Speaking of so much of the album is already done, and it shimmers with everything you want, so be there BABY!

01.23.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was glowing with energy, kinda made my ears ache for more, everything felt louder, meaner and just.... beyond perfect. We, as a band, Acid FM are becoming something so strong and powerful you can't even define it with words, we're heart breakers and dream makers baby! If you're not on the inside you're on the outside.... looking in. Shows, deals, limos, & contracts all coming soon,... like a Hurricane on Fire! BE THERE!

01.21.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was dead on, loud, & rocking, I wish everyone who reads this could be there with us, it is a blast like no other baby! The new album is coming along beautifully and is sounding amazing! It's all happening right now, BE THERE!

01.19.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was a JAM... all the way, we had the walls shaking and the earth quaking, plus all the usual suspects showed up and it's always good to hang out with everyone. We have some really cool shows coming up in OH, SC, & VA... Looking forward to some new places & new faces. The new album is coming along beautifully and it's all in the right place! BE THERE!

01.16.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was in-tune with the Universe tonight... and there is more coming! I wish I could say more. There was a vibe at rehearsal tonight that I can't explain but the stage is set, and it's time to play the role! Everything resonated on the Rock n' Roll side unlike no other,... shows, albums, & legends are being created! Be There!

01.14.14 -
Acid FM Rehearsal was on the money tonight, we are getting shows confirmed for the Late January & February, getting the circus on the road, we've got lots of plans for 2014 and everything is proceeding better than I could have imagined. The recording of the new album going well all and it's all happening baby! TONIGHT NOW!

01.12.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was awesome as always, lots of energy and everything was in the right place. The album is being recorded right now, specifically guitar tracks over the next week, I really wish everyone could know the amount of work that goes into these productions... it's all endless and we love every second of it! See you on the dark side baby!

01.09.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was one big game plan, we met with our manager, and discussed everything for 2014! We got Big plans, big shows, demos, limos, neck ties & contracts baby! ... You know it's Acid FM, & THAT'S ROCK N' ROLL! Everything with this band is on the good foot and getting bigger every day! Upcoming shows will be announced soon, hope to see you all there!

01.02.14 -
Acid FM rehearsal was edgy and tight... we are ready for the show on Saturday at the Roux in Noda, and it is going to be a BLAST! Acid FM LIVE! w/ Greevace & Hamerd! Doors open 9:00, show start at 10:00! BE THERE!

12.31.13 -
Tonight was the last Acid FM Rehearsal of 2013 and it rocked like no other baby! All the usual suspects dropped by tonight to hang with us, it was a BLAST! 15 songs up, 15 songs down! Looking forward to the show at The Roux on Saturday, January 4th. w/ Greevace & Hamerd! BE THERE! .... without a doubt we have been playing that Rocks n' Roll baby... ALL YEAR LONG! PEACE & GOD BLESS!

12.29.13 -
Kick the Tires & Light the fires! Acid FM rehearsal had the walls shaking, EXCELLENT NIGHT TONIGHT! We are all hyped about the show on Saturday, Jan. 4th at the RouX! w/ Greevace & Hamerd! BE THERE!

12.22.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal Rocked, and it was a good jam, we are all looking forward to a brief break with the Holidays, and getting 2014 STARTED! RIGHT! Our first show of 2014 will be at the Roux on Saturday, January 4th w/ Greevace & Hamerd. Doors open at 9:00, show starts at 10:00, BE THERE!

12.19.13 -
Tonight's Acid FM rehearsal was INSANELY Awesome! I have really had my mind on a lot of things tonight, I think everyone thought I was distant... SO MUCH HAPPENING! ALL Good though I love every second of it, GET READY FOR ACID FM LIVE! at the Roux! NoDa BE THERE! w/ Hamerd & Greevace!

12.18.13 - Back in 2009 & 2010, an album was recorded with the Acid FM line-up of that time. It was also the first album I sang Lead vocals on and it was called, "Luna Allure." After 4 years of sitting in the vault, I am going to release it. I completed the final mixes on it a couple weeks ago and Alisa Coral, (friend & band mate from Space Mirrors) mastered it and WOW! It Sounds Amazing! Since the Acid FM Line-up from that time has since "parted ways," I am going to release this as a past album, limited to 300 CD copies, not to mention a reboot of "Electroviolet Paradox," is in the works as well. Plus of coarse the new Album, "currently untitled," is set for sometime in April. 2014 is going to be a big year for Acid FM!

12.17.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight had the walls shaking, we were bringing on the heat & loving it! I wish everyone could be there with us! Looking forward to the show on January 4th with Hamerd & Greevace at the Roux! Be there! Playing that Rocks N' Roll baby... ever day!

12.15.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal today was a Workhorse! WOW! What a freaking day, we nailed 30 something songs... we had the 9 muses with us all the way! The Rock was extremely ROCKING and the Roll was... ROLLING! We kinda loose our minds rehearsing sometimes, like a trance you just don't want to ever end! Acid FM Live at the Roux! NoDa w/ Greevace & Hamerd! Be THERE LIKE YOU'RE ON FIRE! Playing That Rocks N' Roll baby, ... every day!

12.12.13 -
Acid FM is plotting and planning for all the shows coming up, rehearsal was awesome tonight, lots going on... Lots of people stopping to hang out while we worked.... that makes it that much more fun. Looking forward to playing the Roux on January 4th, BE THERE!

12.10.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was off the chain! Edgy, Tight n' Ready! We have a show coming up at the the Roux in NoDa,we are working on getting that set together and finishing some recordings... Looking 2014 is going to be be something we never forget! BE THERE!

12.08.13 -
OK, the reviews are in and well they are quite interesting about our song "Ride [Driver Edition]" Here are a couple that made me chuckle. 

“The bass intro resembles the likes of Deftones and eventually bursts into the magma sludge of bands like The Sword and Mastodon. The singer sounds like a hair metal fanatic singing about traditional metal elements. Burning rubber while living life in the fast lane. Classic elements are inspirational and are always the roots of contemporary musicians. This band fits right into Judas Priest era of Hard Rock.”

“Yes! This song rocks! I love the tempo and the energy of it. It sounds a little bit mysterious and the singer has a good strong tenor voice. The instrument arrangements were also great. The mood of the song was rather warnful as the lead singer said that ' this is was the last time '... The volume of it was good and strong. The vocal pitch was just right.”

“The bass is really deep really powerful the guitar and drums comes in gratefully but I really like that bass. How the singing and instruments swoop the way they do throughout the song is extraordinary. I would say this artist knows his stuff and knows how to make a great song. The lyrics are immerse and this song has a great melody. I don't think the instruments are harmonizing because that 's not what kind of song this is I don't think that was the edge they where going for. The production is very well sorted I think it will do well in promotions.”

12.08.13 -
What a day today! We rehearsed like mad! We now have 20 songs in rotation for shows, YES ....20. We want to make sure our sets are as diverse as possible from one show to the next, so you never see the same show twice. It was a work day for sure, lots accomplished and we rocked the house! Playing that Rocks N' Roll baby, every day!

12.05.13 -
Acid FM Practice was hectic tonight, but we accomplished some direction as to where we stand as band and where we are going... and yes das right baby... WE ARE GOING!

12.03.13 -
The Acid FM show at the Roux last night was fantastic, it ROCKED! We got to meet some really cool people and had a great show. But I don't think I have ever had a worse day than yesterday. First, I got word my aunt passed away about 6 hours before i could go see her yesterday afternoon. Then the starter on the truck was acting up and I got on the road to the show about an hour later than I wanted too, then AFTER the show, I moved the truck to load up and the starter died again. Doc ended up on the ground in the parking lot with a crow bar in hand to get the truck started, GO DOC! I was about to NOT make it back home! Also, so glad Big Mike, Cari, & Stan were there, we'll be doing it again soon! WHAT A NIGHT!

12.03.13 -
With the lightest of heart, and without a shadow of a doubt, Acid FM has terminated Management Services with Gorilla Music. If anyone or any bands want to know more or why... feel free to send me a message and I will answer any questions.

12.01.13 -
Yesterday's Acid FM show at Tremont was a lot of fun and a very long day. Stan & I were there from around 3:30 until 12:30. Something like 12 bands... all freaking day. We got to meet a lot of people, hear some newer bands and watch a bunch of people battle for prizes. Our time on stage was fun! Looking forward to more shows, we have another one at the Roux @ Bordello's this coming Monday, Dec. 2nd. BE THERE!

11.29.13 -
Friday night Acid FM rehearsal? It's rare but we got 2 shows and there were holidays... looking forward to tomorrow's show at Tremont Music Hall, gonna be a Spectacle of Insane Rock N' Rollness w/ bells n whistles... so BE THERE!

11.26.13 -
BACK BABY! Tonight's Acid FM rehearsal was phenomenal! Sunday was almost tough because we started playing tunes we have not even thought since this past Aug. Tonight, everything felt back, it was Intense, Wild Eyed, & ... a typical Acid FM Rehearsal. Live Acid FM show this coming Saturday at Tremont Music Hall, get in touch get a ticket! Tons of bands and Tons of fun! BE THERE!

11.24.13 -
WOW! Acid FM changed gears tonight, from writing and recording back to LIVE!...granted we are always writing but, usually when we have shows we are all focused on that! Stan was over tonight to preview all the new songs for album, so much happening....Here is the list of gigs coming up: 

Tremont Music Hall - Saturday, November 30th
The Roux - Monday, December 2nd 
The Library in Chapel Hill - Monday, December 8th 

Be There!

11.21.13 -
More bass tracks were recorded and we are almost through that phase of the recording process. This new album is going to be a monster baby!

11.19.13 -
The recording process is getting interesting, Doc was recording bass tracks tonight, got a couple completed & some minor technical difficulties, but more accomplished! Everything is sounding awesome!

11.17.13 -
What a day today!!!! Acid FM managed to record the drum tracks to the 10 new songs and it was KILLER! Excellent performance on Jeremiah Johnson's part, .... just a step above in every way! After the drums were done we got the room setup for recording bass, and Mr. Doc is going to knock all the bass tracks out over the next few days, then guitar... then vocals! We are gearing up for these upcoming shows as well! So much to do ... but we are on it! JAM!

11.14.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal tonight was on the money, and outta sight! We are ready to lay down the drum tracks for the new album and let the recording process begin! We are almost out of the wood shed and back in the limelight! We are all so ready, Acid FM shows on Nov. 30th a Tremont, Dec. 2nd at the Roux in NODA, Dec 8th at the Library in Chapel Hill, and Dec 28th at Tremont for the Electric No. 3 CD release party! BE THERE!

11.12.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal was amazing tonight, ran through the 10 songs and pretty much nailed them all,... and it begins, we are going to start recording the album this coming weekend, starting with the drums. Time for this beast to go into production baby! Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... every day.

11.11.13 - Thanks to everyone for making Acid FM #1 on reverbnation, but on top of that number, we are #189 in the USA! I had to think about it, but out of all the hundreds of thousands of Rock bands in the freaking country, we are #189. That was pretty impressive to me! 

11.10.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal was very strong tonight, we really worked all 10 of the new songs hard, we went through and we focused on some of the little things we have noticed with the new songs, it was a small details, tightening everything up type night, & they are really starting to sound completed too! Waiting for the roar! \m/

11.07.13 -
Acid FM rehearsal was too good tonight, yep .. THAT GOOD! We had the walls shaking in the place, we're getting ready to come out of the cave and get back on the stage! Can't wait! 4 shows booked, 1 in November & 3 in December! More info coming soon! Playing that Rocks N. Roll baby, ... every day!

11.05.13 -
Wow Acid FM rehearsal tonight was on the MONEY, with everything that is going on... it felt we were back tonight in killer, we nailed all 10 of the news, still a little rough around the edges but "there." Also, to anyone please vote for Acid FM to be on the FIAT car TV Show, if we win our song will make the show, and I would do it for you. Simply click this link, and download the song, the dowload is your vote. Here is the Link:


Playing that Rocks N Roll baby, every day!

11.03.15 - Today was... something, we did the 2nd phase of the photo shoot with Tanya Barbee, SO MANY AMAZING PHOTOS TODAY! Then, somehow we got lost coming home, and we ended up reviewing all the photos & we all have some ideas for 8 x 10's there will be yet another photo album soon! So much going on... playing that rocks n roll baby... every day!

11.01.13 - Happy Halloween from Acid FM! We didn't rehearse tonight & I am sure everyone had a blast doing whatever! \m/ 

10.29.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was rockin' worked the new lyrics, most of them went over pretty good, considering it was the first time they were performed ever, yeah the ankhs of writing a new album, LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!

10.27.13 - BIG DAY TODAY! We got together early for a 6 hours photo shoot with our lovely, talented photographer Tanya Barbee, and well over 400 pictures were taken. Then we came back, did the deed, and rocked and the house, it was a good day. Looking forward to a million more! 3 Acid FM shows coming up in December, more info on those coming soon! playing that Rock n roll baby!... every day!

10.24.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was on the money tonight, we worked all the new songs, and the newest song, "No End," it was awesome all the way around! Acid FM photoshoot Sunday, w/ our lovely photographer Tanya Barbee, then after that we will be writing in the studio all day! Excellent day today!

10.22.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was EXCELLENT! In out and to the point! We went through all the new tracks, made some serious headway tonight, this new album is really starting to rear it's face and we are loving it! playing that rocks n roll baby... every day!

10.21.13 - An emergency session of Acid FM rehearsal was held tonight due to the fact, the inspiration was there, this writing muse HAS NOT LEFT US! It's flowing like a rushing river and we have to stay in it as long as we can! So rehearsal tomorrow night (Tues) and Thursday as well! We have music and lyrics to 5 songs ready to go live, we have music and some lyrics to 5 others... so 10 total as of today, more coming! Paying that Rocks n Roll baby every day!

10.20.13 - Thanks for keeping Acid FM at #1 on Reverb Nation! Today was Sparky's Birthday, got some lyrics written and were keeping on, keeping on through this writing thing! Lots coming up this week! Everything is on the good foot! playing that rocks n roll baby every day!

10.17.13 - Acid FM is #1 on Reverb Nation! Excellent! Thanks to everyone for that, Doc is sick so rehearsal was a no-go tonight (Get better Doc), however it was not vain because I am writing lyrics to some of these most recent Acid FM Songs, and there is some really good stuff going on! We are going to hit Sunday Extra Hard... Waiting for the roar baby!

10.15.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was JAMMIN, worked on the new songs for the next Album, wheels, deals, limos, & neck ties... it's looking like something I could have never thought of! Playing that Rocks Roll baby! ... every day!

10.13.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was hitting in all the right places, I spoke with our manager before rehearsal and he told me to, "be sure & write an anthem," and we did! Tonight marked the 9th song in this writing phase were in and OMFG! Probably my favorite song so far, the song literally came out of thin air, and will most likely be one of the singles on this next album! We are loving all these new Acid FM Fans! Info for shows is coming soon! Playing that Rocks N' roll baby, every day!

10.10.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was digging in tonight, really sounded excellent! New songs, new album, new Acid FM! Re-invention is bliss! Looking forward to all the plans and shows we have coming up, Management is really cooking up some amazing things for us too! We are so ready baby!

10.08.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal tonight was dead-on and the sound was in the zone. We worked on all the new songs getting them sharper and sharper, this new album is going to be so much of an evolution from the last CD! Playing that Rocks n roll, every day baby!

10.07.13 - If you don't know then you've haven't heard, and it you haven't heard then you don't have it, if you don't have it ... you NEED IT! And that would be Acid FM's latest CD E.P. Entitled "Electric No. 3." Compact discs, & MP3 downloads available on

10.06.13 - Tonight makes #8, some of this new Acid FM material has gone together quickly, all of the new ones Rock beyond ROCK, but this one tonight came together well, and it was as if we pulled it out of nowhere EXCELLENT NEW SONG! Heavy, in a good way, lots of Acid FM Flavor in it. Practice tonight was perfect! It was a work day today, but the only work I LOVE BABY!!

10.05.13 - 2 New Acid FM songs were uploaded to Revernation, "Ride," & "Greed Machine," from the latest CD entitled, "Electric No. 3." This CD was recorded & mixed at the Zodiac Lounge and mastered by Alisa Coral at KZI Studios. Have a listen!

10.05.13 - Here it is baby! and it's available for download or CD. The Acid FM 9 song E.P. entitled "Electric No. 3." Don't get confused this is not the new material we are currently working on, Check it out, two new songs onReverbnation.com

10.03.13 - WOW! Acid FM Practice tonight was FREAKY GOOD! We were having a blast all night. Since we are writing new songs, and not playing old ones we have played for the last year or so... everything feels new and rejuvenated, like this surge of Fresh air into everything. I Love every single second of my life... why? Because I am playing ROCK N ROLL BABY! EVERY DAY!

10.01.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was amazing! We had the week off last week because our bass player, Doc, had to take trip to New York, it was like we never missed anything! Glad & Back in Black baby!

09.26.13 - Lots going on this week, all behind the scenes, the management team is slowly becoming... there are now more people behind the scenes making Acid FM go than ever, the new album is taking flight, and this one is going to be best yet!

09.22.13 - A new Acid FM song was worked tonight, along with the other 6, so now 7 songs for the next album! Excellent progress, amazing sound... I can hear the evolution, which is heading for revolution, & it's all happening right now! Wish you were here!

09.19.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was insane, were working those 6 new tunes so far, plus new ideas are flowing, the next CD will be a drop dead knock out! Everything is falling into place so well with this "re-invention, next edition," thing... can't wait! Playing that Rocks N Roll every day!

09.17.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was insanely awesome, working the music & yes it seems everything that is going on with us is so vibrant, electric, almost like your seeing colors, re-invention for this next record is turning into an awesome thing! Loving it! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby ... every day!

09.15.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was rocktastic! New song, plus the other 5 that we have down for the next album, looking forward to everything, this band is becoming so much more every day,... and like every day, playing that rocks n roll baby!

09.12.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was awesome! LOVED IT! Hung out with Stan Cocheo, talking business too... It's there, it's happening RIGHT NOW! I am glad it is finally happening too... I have to make myself calm down & breathe. New songs, New everything Acid FM is in the process of re-inventing the wheel! Playing that Rocks n roll baby... every day!

09.10.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was phenominal...Newsongs are being created baby, like gods inventing planets, they're all coming full steam ahead & will make an awesome 2nd album! We are looking to start booking the month of October on! Playing that rocks n roll baby!... every day!

09.09.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was awesome, new song in the works... very cool sounding, we were all digging it. So glad Stan Cocheo and Cari Stopped by tonight. awesome night for sure! Jamming every day!

09.05.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was INSANELY INTENSE! I wrote lyrics to two new songs, and they worked sooooooooo well,... all I can say is INTENSE! So, there are 4 news songs that are in the running for the next album, plus other ideas floating around... I think we may end up with some shoe-gaze psychedelics on this upcoming album, which is what we are all looking for! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby! ... every day!

09.03.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was awesome as always tonight, ran through the 5 brand new tunes, & got an idea rolling for another one to work out on Sunday! Everything was in the right place tonight for sure, playing that rocks n roll baby... every day!

09.02.13 - No rehearsal tonight, every one (including me) is recovering from Saturday night's show at Tremont Music Hall, So glad Stan Cocheo from Musical Conversations was there with his friend Toasty, looking forward to the next one. Acid FM is writing the 2nd full length album now, which is still at least 6 months from coming out, but we are going to get all the songs written, worked, & played Live before we begin the recording process! If anyone has any shows we would love to play them, but I am not out drumming them up... doing that Jam thing, & playing that rocks n roll every day baby! 

08.31.13 - I just got back from the pre-show meeting for all the bands, I am about to his the shower, and head to Tremont, if any one wants to get in, there is a ticket at the door, just say the name "Weirdo Jones" that will get you in for free! If you can come out, come on... cause this is going to be a big one baby!

08.29.13 - WOW! Acid FM rehearsal was insane and over the edge tonight, as you all probably know, we are currently writing the next album, so we aren't playing as many shows at the moment, so we can take that time to focus on the NEXT ALBUM! We are currently involved in some negotiations w/ a really high end management company, & more specifically a manager! That's all I can say for now, but pretty soon we will be welcoming a new person into the Acid FM family! We hope to see everyone Saturday, Aug. 31st at Tremont Music Hall for the Summer Thrown Down Show, hit me up for tickets! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby... every day!

08.25.13 - Here it is! This is the cover of the new, 9 song Acid FM CD E.P. entitled, "Electric No. 3!" Three songs will be aired Live on Tuesday, Aug. 27th on the Internet Radio show Musical Conversations hosted by Stan Cocheo. with an indepth interview w/ me (Sparky Simmons) The show starts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the link for the show is below, and simply click this link on Tuesday night around 9:00 pm EST to hear the broadcast.

08.26.13 - I am being interviewed LIVE on the Internet Radio show, Musical Conversations Hosted by Stan Cocheo, on Tuesday Aug. 27th! Stan will be premiering 3 new Acid FM songs, from the upcoming CD release! Simply follow this link at the specified time: 9:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time & Tune in baby! The Link is:
08.22.13 - Acid FM rehearsal hit me a like a ton bricks tonight! Seems like we all had a crazy day today, so jamming tonight was a release! Everything is in the right place, so be there for Acid FM LIVE! Saturday, August 31st at Tremont Music Hall! Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... every day!

08.20.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was Jamtastic tonight! Ya know, we rehearse every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, + shows, and on those days are the only days I feel completely normal... it when all that pure sounds hits me like a ton of bricks and .. I can let it all out! I LIVE FOR IT! Playing that Rocks N' Roll baby ... every day!

08.19.13 - Well the word is in, and news is out! Acid FM's 9 song E.P is called "Electric No. 3,!" It has 6 studio songs & 3 Live songs. The album was mixed over these last few weeks and is currently being mastered by Alisa Coral. Release Date info coming soon!

08.18.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was awesome tonight, the set list for the show on Aug. 31st at Tremont is made, & ready to go. We are debuting 2 new Acid songs on Aug. 31 at Tremont Music Hall, "Greed Machine," & "Don't Let Me Go," both are excellent songs and should go over well. Looking forward to everything coming our way, playing that Rocks N' Roll baby... every day!

08.16.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was off the chain! News songs are working great, getting them ready for the show at Tremont Music Hall on Aug 31st. Be there it will be one of the best! Everything is in the Right Place... and playing that Rocks n roll every day!

08.14.13 - Acid FM Practice was electric tonight, it was also moved to tonight from last night... but all those new songs are really getting there, and if all goes well we will debut 2 of those songs at the show, at Tremont Music Hall on Aug. 31st. BE THERE! Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... every day!

08.11.13 - Acid FM rehearsal had brought yet another tune into the world tonight, and it was JAMMING! All I can is the next album will be still heavy, intense & more psychedelic, it's almost as if we stepping back to our roots in a way. Playing that Rocks n roll baby... every day!

08.08.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was intense & jamtastic tonight, I love these practices lately because we are writing and that just makes everything so much more! Playing that Rocks n roll baby, ... every day!

08.06.13 - The Rock N Roll was in all of us tonight at Acid FM rehearsal, the new songs are coming beautifully, we might even debut a couple of these new songs at Tremont Music Hall on Aug. 31st. Also, I am sure you have noticed we aren't playing as many shows every weekend, but that is because we are writing & working new material, we will take any show that comes our way but we aren't drumming them up ourselves till all this new stuff is ready to go LIVE! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby.. every day!

08.04.13 - Acid FM Practice was magical! We birthed a new tune into the universe... WE are about to put out an CD E.P., but we have started writing for the next full length Acid FM CD, & I am just gonna say it, the next full length will be A LOT more psychedelic, than Justified American Music, I LOVE J.A.M., but that psych feel wasn't as present. We are all going out of our way to make sure the 2nd Acid FM is just so much more! Playing that Rocks N' Rolls baby, every day!

08.03.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was jam-tastic last night, gonna spend the next week working on new songs and getting them ready for the show on August 31st. playing that rocks n roll baby every day!

08.01.13 - We have had to move rehearsal to tomorrow (Friday), and we didn't rehearse Tuesday, Doc has an old injury that is rearing it's ugly head, he is OK but in pain, hope he's better soon! I, however spent the day mixing the new Acid FM EP CD, entitled, "ELECTRIC NO. 3," das right new songs coming soon! Ready to JAM tomorrow! Peace!

07.28.13 - The Acid FM Show at the Black Box Theater was so much fun! Thanks to Brian Pfaff for putting on the event. It was A Blast !Thanks to all our friends and all the new faces we saw, looking forward to another show there in November, playing that Rocks n' Roll baby every day!

07.26.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was a BLAST TONIGHT! So glad Cari stopped by to hang with us too, we are all ready for the show tomorrow night at the Black Box Theater! BE THERE!

07.25.13 - Acid FM in the Salisbury Post Newspaper in the "Time Out," Entertainment section for the show @ the Black Box Theater, Saturday, July 27th!!

07.24.13 - Acid FM Practice was Electrifying & Intense tonight, It has been a really busy week for us all, we moved practice this week only, from Tuesday & Thursday, to Wednesday (tonight) & Friday! There is an Acid FM Show at the Black Box Theater in Salisbury, NC this coming Saturday, be there! 

07.19.13 - Everyone in Acid FM was recently invited to create individual Reverb Nation pages, or musician pages, here they are: have a look, we love you all!

07.18.13 - RAWK! BACK IN BLACK!,... The Black Box Theater that is, LIVE Saturday, July 27th! More info TBA! Acid FM Rehearsal was a Jamtastic tonight.. got the set together for the show, getting the press release done now too... everything is lookin' good! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby! ...every day.

07.14.13 - 7 years ago today! Acid FM's Electroviolent Paradox was released on Surfaty Records. Featuring Doc Obergefell on Vocals & Bass, Tony Hatfield on Drums, & (myself) Sparky Simmons on guitar. Should a re-release happen of that album?

07.13.13 - Today is the day, THAT day... there is a song Me and Doc wrote back in 2007 sometime called, "713," and it is one of my all time favorite songs and Doc as well, but with this song came the CURSE of the 713. Because, every single day since we will encounter the numbers 713 at some point. This song is on the list for the next Acid FM release, so since today is none other than 7-13, we are recording ALL DAY! This is somewhat of a goodbye to "Justified American Music." We are writing new songs, and re-inventing everything! So we are recording everything today LIVE, and the recordings will be released sometime in the future, some on the upcoming CD EP, most for an Acid FM box set that is in process. Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... every day... especially TODAY, it's like an Acid FM Holiday or something!

07.11.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was all setting-up tonight, we are recording every song we have to date LIVE, Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums Live all at once this coming Saturday! I haven't done a recording like this in a LONG time! New Acid FM EP CD coming soon! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby... every day!

07.10.13 - Acid Fm Practice was awesome last night, we are so much closer to having "I Want You...," done, and another new song as well. We were all glad to see Big Mike, (Jeremiah's Brother) & Mark Beaver at rehearsal last night too... so much going on, we are ready to get this last phase of recording completed on Saturday and get all this new material ready. Playing that Rocks n Roll baby every day!

07.07.13 - Acid FM Practice was amazing as always, but tonight something happened that has never happened before, we wrote a HIT! Yes, out of all the songs we have written this one is the ONE! It's called, "I Want You..." and t literally came out of nowhere. The music is pretty much there, and I haven't written all the lyrics yet... but, in a way the lyrics are already done... they were done before we started, if that makes any sense. That it's baby! Acid FM is ready to take the WORLD BY STORM! Playing that Rocks N Roll, every day!

07.03.13 - The show at Tremont Music Hall on June 29th was A BLAST! Looking forward to the next one! Here is a video of the song Hungry, taken by Eddie Mowery!

07.02.13 - Acid FM practice tonight was such a nice change, working on some new songs, made a cut list for older songs, & material for the next album is being worked out as of tonight. So hell yeah, these next few weeks we will be deciding the musical direction we are taking for this next album... plus there is an EP coming out REAL SOON! Playing that rocks n roll every day!

06.27.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was string breakin' rocking tonight, and that is a good omen, because the last time I broke a string during practice was at the last battle of bands, and we won that night so... HELLS YEAH! SO BE THERE BABY! Saturday, June 29th at Tremont Music Hall... 12 bands for 10 bucks! This is a can't miss show! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby every day!

06.25.13 - Acid FM Practice was sounding like we sound... the way I like it tight n' gritty! If anyone wants a ticket inbox us or message, Sparky Simmons, Jeremiah Johnson or Doc Obergefell & we will get you one! 12 bands for 10 bucks! LIVE Saturday, June 29th at Tremont Music Hall and this is the Finals, this is the one you do not want to miss! Playing that rocks n roll baby... every day!

06.24.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was EXCELLENT, we had a Rock N' Roll accident tonight though, my guitar rig consists of a Jones Tube Head & 4 x 12 cabinet, and Jones 2 x 12 Tube Combo, and well during a song tonight my 2 x 12 combo fell FLAT ON it's face. The amp is fine, but the damn input jack is all booger-ed up & needs to be replaced. The floor shook and the whole damn building shook! That's rock n roll baby! ... playing it everyday!

06.23.13 - Listen to "90 Minutes+Plus" hosted by Divakarhttp://www.1065.com/main.html between 8pm & 10pm Eastern TONIGHT to hear Acid FM!!!

06.20.13 - Acid FM rehearsal had an excellent vibe to it tonight to quote Doc & I's conversation afterwards. Acid FM is going to bring that vibe to Tremont Music Hall on Saturday, June 29th. Lots going on, mixing some new songs for a new EP CD that's coming out in a couple months... (I will say nothing more about it). Playing that Rocks N' Roll baby... every day!.

06.18.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was jamming tonight... it was just a good night overall. We nailed our set and all scattered, it has been a really busy week for us all. Looking forward to the Tremont Show on June 29th! See you all there... Playing that rocks roll baby.... every day!

06.16.13 - Back in the Saddle baby! Acid FM rehearsal tonight was off the chain... now that everyone is home and everything is back on track! We got our set together for the battle of bands show at Tremont Music Hall for Saturday June 29th. We are all looking forward to it! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby every day!

06.13.13 - I usually get on here and blog every night about what's going on w/ Acid FM even if it is something as simple as a really intense rehearsal... but not tonight. Jeremiah & I did work out some changes on a new song tonight... but Doc is in NY right now because his brother-in-law will probably not live through this week, Jeremiah lost a family member this week, and my close Space Mirrors friend Cyndee Lee Rule, her husband Jeff (Super Cool Guy) has Cancer and Hospice just came to see him. So tonight... instead of a wild-eyed, Crazy Rocker story ... please send some prayers to us all because we need them... And even though all this, Playing that Rock n Roll baby... every day!

06.11.13 - Tonight, Tuesday June 11th Sparky Simmons of Acid FM will interviewed LIVE on the Radio Show, Musical Conversations hosted by Stan Cocheo. We will be discussing anything Rock n' Roll for hours literally!

06.08.13 - Acid FM is Full steam ahead baby! Booking shows and getting this next mini album ready! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby... every day!

06.06.13 - The Acid FM show at Tremont Music Hall on Tuesday, June 4th was Phenomenal! Really wild crowd, lots going on.. I was glad to see & meet everyone who came out. Looking forward to the next one baby! Playing that rock n roll!

06.05.13 - The show last night at Tremont Music Hall was freaking AMAZING! Acid FM, Vampires Everywhere & Wednesday 13. The guys in Vampires Everywhere are cool as hell!!!! I got to meet and hang with them and me & Wednesday got to talk before the show! Really good vibe for the whole night... Everything seemed like it was in the right place... Killer show on everyone's part. I was morbidly impressed with everyone!

06.02.13 - Tonight's show at the Somewhere Else Tavern was awesome, good bands, great crowd looking for ward to another one soon! Playing that Rocks n roll baby every day!

06.02.13 - Acid FM, Vampires Everywhere, & Wednesday 13 LIVE!...Tuesday, June 4th at Tremont Music Hall, now... I wanna know who's gonna be there?

05.30.13 - Acid FM practice was awesome tonight, Jeremiah Johnson's injuries have healed enough for us to rehearse and we ran through all the songs for the show Saturday, June 1st at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC. Really looking for ward to that one. Hope to see everyone there! Playing that rocks n roll baby every day.

05.28.13 - I wanted to let everyone know that Acid FM Drummer, Jeremiah Johnson was in a very bad accident on Monday. A plastic Alternator Fan exploded in his face while it was spinning at around 10,000 rpm, and left cuts on his chest and face, and a hematoma on his RIght eye. He is OK & out of the hospital, but please everyone send him lots of positive energy. We are NOT cancelling any of the upcoming shows, but rehearsal has been cancelled for today.

05.26.13 - The show Tonight at Amos' was AWESOME! Good bands, good times, EXCELLENT CROWD! Looking forward to playing more shows there! Playing that Rocks n roll baby every day.

05.24.13 - Acid FM practice tonight was Freaking Electrified Madman Style ... We got Amos's on the May 25th, Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro on June 1st, & Tremont Music Hall on June 4th... A VERY CLOSE friend said Acid FM is going from the little that could to the bigger band that is baby... playing that ROCK N ROLL baby EVERY DAY! Come to these and get toasted with us.... WE LOVE YOU!

05.21.13 - Acid FM practice was a JAM tonight, we nailed our set twice tonight, for the show at Amo's Southend this coming Saturday, May 25th. And yes, ...back by popular demand the Acid FM song, "Don't Stop," will be in the set. We are all really looking forward to the show with Spearmint Rhino, Opal October, & Quite Personal. Playing that Rocks in roll baby every day

05.19.13 - Talk about a JAM TONIGHT! We made out the set for the show at the Amos' Southend show on Saturday, May 25th. We also went through our entire set, it was a LONG, FUN Rehearsal! Everything sounded AWESOME! Playing that rocks n roll baby every day!

05.16.13 - Acid FM practice tonight was AMAZING! We completed and nailed out that new opus, and it really starting to take shape. We are also gearing up for all the shows coming up, Time to get the flyer thing happening, Playing that rocks n roll baby... every day!

05.14.13 - Acid FM Practice was jamming a new tune we are writing, I think it's one of those insanely long, Sabbath style opus songs that never seem to end. Myself, Jeremiah, & Doc spent the whole rehearsal on it... so it will be on to hear for sure. Playing that Rocks N Roll baby every day.

05.12.13 - By Far the best show we have had in a while, Chosen Rejects Rocked, Spearmint Rhino brought the funk, Acid FM Jammed it out, CYlearian got us grooving, and Adapt To Chaos brought the Madman Metal! Thanks so much to Sonni, & everyone at The Somewhere Else Tavern for a KILLER SHOW! Tonight! Looking forward to the Benefit show at the SWET on June 1st.

05.10.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal ROCKED THE HOUSE TONIGHT! We went though the set for the show this coming Saturday, May 11th at the Somewhere Else Tavern featuring (in order): Chosen Rejects, Spearmint Rhino, Acid FM, Cylearian, & Adapt To Chaos. Here is the facebook event, BE THERE:

05.07.13 - Acid FM practice was awesome tonight, we nailed our set at the Somewhere Else Tavern show, this coming Saturday May 11th. SO much going on... Playing that Rocks n roll baby.... every day!

05.05.13 - Acid FM practice today was awesome... spent the entire day working on a new tune that was kicking! There is an evolution taking place with us as creators that seems to show itself a little more every rehearsal. Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... every day!

05.03.13 - Acid FM + 4 more bands Sat. May 11th at The Somewhere Else Tavern! Shows starts @ 8:00, Doors open at 7:00. $5.00 at the door! Be There! JAM

05.02.13 - Acid FM Practice was AWESOME tonight. We made out our set list for the show at the Somewhere Else Tavern on May 11th! Gonna be A JAM! We have some new songs we are going to play so this is going to be the first time we have tried a HEAVIER set. I am looking forward to seeing all the bands on Saturday May 11th at the Somewhere Else Tavern! IN ORDER: Chosen Rejects, Spearmint Rhino, Acid FM, Cylearian, Adapt To Chaos. Get ready for the ROAR GREENSBORO! Playing that Rock n Roll baby every day!

04.30.13 - Acid FM practice was awesome tonight, we went through every song & that makes for a long practice, but keeps everything in rotation, JAM!!!

04.25.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was edgy and ready for tomorrow night! If you live in or near Morganton, NC come a see A killer live show tomorrow night at Inferno's. Good times, great bands, & most of all Rock n Roll baby! Here is the info:

04.23.13 - Acid FM practice tonight was ELECTRIFIED! Nailed the set for the show at Inferno's in Morganton, NC this coming Friday night. Really looking forward to checking out Skin Jackkitt & Temptation's Wings, gonna be a JAM! Be there! Ready for an Acid FM Summer baby, light it up!

04.21.13 - Acid FM practice today was AWESOME, we rehearsed the set the for show at Inferno's this coming Friday, TWICE! There are two new songs off the upcoming 4 song EP, "Ride (re-invented version) & "Hungry," are being played LIVE for the first time this coming Friday. This is going to be a KILLER SHOW! BE THERE! Playing that rocks n roll baby, ... every day!

04.19.13 - Stand back and realize that for the moment, the curse of the 713 is upon Acid FM once again, because we have 1,713 likes. JAM!

04.18.13 - Acid FM practice was an absolute JAM, 7+ shows coming up, we're getting the new songs worked into the set and making this machine Go baby!!

04.16.13 - Acid FM practice was a JAM tonight, were working in some new songs from the upcoming EP, a new track called Hungry & a re-inverted Ride. JAM

04.14.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was freaking amazing tonight! We are back on track with working our set, we have managed to work-in 4 new songs, and the wheels are spinning. 6 shows coming up over the next 6 weeks... lots happening. In the Blink of an Eye Video coming soon! Playing that Rocks N Rolls baby... every day! JAM!

04.12.13 - Recorded Jeremiah's vocal track tonight, & my last vocal track, after Doc's vocal track, I get the mixing happening for the new 4 song EP!!

04.09.13 - Acid FM is getting interviewed tonight on Live Limelight radio, w/ Stan Cocheo, this thing could last up to 4 hours. TALK radio + plus interview we are sooooooooooo looking forward to it! It will be Jeremiah, Doc, & myself (Sparky). I will be posting links as soon as they become available. JAM!

04.08.13 - Spent the day laying down guitar tracks the upcoming E.P. This is the direction of the next Acid FM album, we are re-inventing the sound!

04.05.13 - Acid FM practice was a jam tonight, we are working on the tracks for the upcoming 4 song EP... these new tunes are a sneak preview of the direction Acid FM is heading... looking forward to it! Playing that Rocks n roll baby... every day!

04.05.13 - Acid FM practice was a jam tonight, we are working on the tracks for the upcoming 4 song EP! Shows, Interviews, Contracts.. happening baby!

04.02.13 - a New 4-song EP Promo CD is officially in the works! Tonight we wrote a new version of the original Acid FM song "Ride." It was one of the coolest things I ever heard! Photos and Info from this 4-song will be posted as we get them finished! Playing that Rocks N' Roll baby!... every day!

04.01.13 - Check out Core of Destruction Radio! Acid FM is being interviewed on the air next week and they have been keeping us in rotation!

03.28.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was a JAM! We are taking this Sunday off, we got a lot of stuff to get done other than just rehearsal! We are looking to do Electroviolent Paradox w/ Jam Suave on drums, and truly release it this time as a full length album this time and not a 6-song EP... I will say nothing more! Playing that rocks n roll baby every day!

03.27.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was amazing on a level we don't see every time. We are gearing for the shows coming up, so much going on! Looking forward to it, playing that Rocks n Roll baby... every day!

03.25.13 - Acid FM is getting some more shows booked for April & May... Saturday, June 29th is the Charlotte Battle of the Bands through Gorilla Music, that will be something to see, and our Video for "In The Blink Of An Eye," is looking real respectable and coming soon!

03.21.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal was a blast tonight, went through the whole set & some new songs in motion! Looking forward to more shows in April & May!

03.19.13 - The show tonight was an absolute BLAST! Acid FM & Chosen Rejects Rocked that place and we are looking forward to future dates there! It was a JAM baby! See you next time.. photos coming tomorrow!

03.19.13 - Did you all get a chance to hear Acid FM's song, "Desire", on 106.5 The End Sunday night? You wanna hear it again, right? Well, LET THEM KNOW!!! 106.5's Request lines: 704-570-1065 & 800-934-1065

03.17.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was AWESOME tonight... got our set down for the show tomorrow night at Crown Station w/ Chosen Rejects. BE THERE! We are all tuning into 106.5 The End waiting to hear ourselves tonight! JAM!

03.14.13 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight was tight and focused, SOUNDING VERY STRONG! When those gigs get less than a week away we tend tighten our grip. Finally got my new pedal, up and in action tonight! Definitely COOL! Our next show is Monday, March 18th at Crown Station w/ Chosen Rejects... gonna be a blast. Playing that rocks n roll every day!

03.12.13 - Acid FM practice was freaking awesome I got my new pedal board somewhat worked in and everything seems to be in the right place right now! I LOVE EVERY MINUTE, OF EVERY DAY RIGHT NOW! Company came over w/ some beers... awesome night tonight I wish the whole rock n roll world could come to an Acid FM rehearsal, we laugh and have sooooooo much fun and work at the same time too BABY! JAM!

03.11.13 - Just got the email from our promo person, Acid FM's "Desire," will be played on 1065 The End's 90 minutes this coming Sunday, March 17th and a mention of our gig at Crown Station in Charlotte, NC on March 18th w/ Chosen Rejects! Thanks Divakar!

03.10.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was an absolute JAM tonight, we worked out the set for the show at Crown Station in Charlotte, on March 18th, and everything is looking good! Playing that Rocks n roll baby! Every day!

03.08.13 - That's right baby! The all new acidfm.com is up and online! If there is anything you have ever wanted to hear, see, or read by Acid FM, this is the place, TONS of photos not anywhere else, plus reviews and interviews! Links to everywhere we exist on the web... CHECK IT OUT!

03.08.13 - Just so the world knows Doc is feeling so much better , still got some funk in his lungs but I can breathe oh and walk around with out hacking every 2 minutes .

03.05.13 - Tonight's Acid FM practice was a blast, we are getting our set ready for the show At Crown Station on Monday, March 18th, and on the side I have been getting the video ready for the Acid FM song, "In The Blink Of An Eye!" Playing that rocks n roll baby every day!

03.03.13 - Today we got together earlier to film the Video for the Acid FM song in the Blink of An Eye, everyone's ideas came across well and we're all captured, should be done in the week to 10 days... Staring Jennifer Goodman Hughes & Acid FM. Playing that rock n roll baby every day!

03.02.13 - OK... one thing I will say about tonight's show... INFERNOS in MORGANTON, NC FREAKING ROCKS! Best show we have had out of town in a while!... All the band's were phenomenal, Scalded Fire, Necrobomb, & Adapt To Chaos... OMG! What a night... You should have been there... and there were some photos taken as well! Looking forward to the next one!

03.01.13 - Don't miss this show tonight in Morganton, NC...Acid FM, Adapt To Chaos, Scalded Fire, & Necrobomb! Also, this is all 3 the winners of the Battle of bands in Charlotte, NC on February 2nd. Here is the info...

02.28.13 - Acid FM practice was a awesome tonight, we got our set down for the show on March 1st w/ Adapt To Chaos, Scalded Fire, & Necrobomb. We are really looking forward to that gig... playing that rock n roll baby ... every day!

02.24.13 -
Today, we we spent most of the day filming the MTV style video for the Acid FM song, "in The Blink Of An Eye." The video stars Jennifer Goodman Hughes and it is going to be awesome when it's done. If you want to hear the song, hit this link:


02.21.13 -
Acid FM Practice was a BLAST! We worked on a new song tonight, plus the set list for the show this coming Friday in Morganton, NC. Jam baby!

02.19.13 - Acid FM Practice tonight was a Amazing! We got a lot done, new songs, it's all happening... playing that Rock N Roll baby every day!

02.18.13 - We are gearing up for the show on March 1st in Morganton, NC, & working on new tunes during practice, JAM!

02.18.13 - Acid FM is playing a show at Inferno's in Morganton, NC on March 1st w/ Adapt To Chaos, Scalded Fire, & Necrobomb, thanks so much to Luke & the Guys in Adapt TO Chaos for letting us on that bill. We are looking forward to it.

02.17.13 - The Acid FM show last night at the Somewhere Else Tavern was a blast, glad to see that many people there, & all the bands sounded great! JAM

02.17.13 - Last Night's show at the Somewhere Else Tavern was a JAM! Looking forward to the next Tavern Show!

02.16.13 – OK, Sparky has a slightly stuffed up head, and a mild soar throat, ...LOL.. rare but happens, and is now about to jump in the shower, and drive to Greensboro for the show at the Somewhere Else Tavern! We just got loaded up, ... (Sparky): “I don't even care, we are headlining tonight, and I am going to forget about being sick and do this show! I am too busy to be sick,” JAM Baby!

02.14.13 - Acid FM has a show on 02/16/2013 at 08:00 PM @ Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC

02.14.13 - Acid FM Practice Tonight was freaking awesome ... Worked on a new tune called Greed Machine, and newer song... called... I don't know yet! The Show at The Somewhere Else Tavern on February 16th is going to be a JAM! Playing that Rocks N Roll Baby!... every day!

02.13.13 - Acid FM practice was a JAM tonight! We are all hyped about the show this coming Saturday at The Somewhere Else Tavern! Really looking forward to it... Got some more shows lined up and as soon as I have concrete info I will post it. Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... every day!

02.11.13 - Acid FM Practice tonight was freaking electrified... It was pounding and driving, there is a momentum building in this band and we are ready to EXPLODE out music to the world! It is not Describable... playing that rocks n’ roll baby... Every day!

02.08.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was a blast tonight, we made out the set for the Somewhere Else Tavern show on Saturday, February 16th, that is going to be one hellacious night! I got some lyrics floating in my head I have to write down... Playing that Rock n Roll baby every day!

02.07.13 - The word is in, and the Acid FM CD Justified American Music is up & available on MonsterFuzz Records, in CD format or an Immediate MP3 download! Check it out: http://www.monsterfuzzrecords.com

02.06.13 - Does anyone know what you get when you stuff 3 times too much Flash powder in a Flash pod... and set it off? ... A CONCUSSION BOMB! Rock n Roll baby!

02.06.13 - Acid FM Practice absolutely ROCKED tonight, Mike Jamison's rig is setup and in the rehearsal space, so tonight we had to do some rearranging, but the jams were amazing sounding... gearing up for the show at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC on February 16th. Playing that Rock N Roll baby.. every day!

02.04.13 - Without further a due, the Acid FM CD, "Justified American Music," will arrive tomorrow afternoon, anyone who pre-ordered it at the January 26th show at the Black Box Theater, CD's will be mailed on Tuesday, February 5th! Thanks so much to everyone who bought one! Also there will be some added goodies for all these too... LOTS of Stuff I PROMISE!

02.03.13 - Acid FM won the Battle of the bands, there were a total of 12 bands, of those 12 ... 3 were to advance on to the next round... were one of those 3 bands! Spearmint Rhino, Chosen Rejects, Scolded Fire... all those guys ROCKED! LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! At the end of the night, the guy used a decimal meter to measure the crowds response ... the 3 loudest responses moved forward. We were one of those 3 JAM BABY!

02.02.13 - Acid FM Live Tonight at Tremont Music Hall! Be there! We just got loaded up and are about to head out to Tremont Now! See you all there!

01.31.13 - Tonight's Acid FM rehearsal was Freaking Rock-tastically amazing sounding! We got the set order down for the Show At Tremont Music Hall this coming Saturday, Feb. 2nd. Mike Jamison was sounding awesome as well, some friends stopped by to get some last minute tickets ... Awesome night tonight! Playing that rocks n roll baby every day!

01.29.13 - Acid FM practice tonight was for us to push hard n heavy for this coming Saturday night, glad we are rehearsing again Thursday! Acid FM will be playing our, "best of the best," songs for Saturday night. Looking forward to that! Playing that Rocks n Roll every day

01.27.13 - The show at the Black Box Theater featuring Acid FM & Ian was a Blast, thanks to everyone that came out, I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! Hope to do another on in March or April ... sometime soon :).

01.26.13 - Acid FM show tonight at the Black Box Theater tonight, 405 N Lee St. Salisbury, NC. w/ Ian Guthrie opening up. It's gonna be a blast!

01.25.13 - Tomorrow night's Acid FM show at the Black Box Theater is going to be a JAM! If anyone wants to come to a nice place, hear some awesome bands, admission is only $5.00 at the door, and there is all kinds of beer, and yes... the more you drink the better we sound :) Come if you can!

01.24.13 - Acid FM practice was killer tonight! Jeremiah, Doc,Mike Jamison & myself were rocking, everything was sounding really GOOD! First time in a while I broke a string... glad it happened there and not during a show! ... Looking forward to all the shows coming up. The next one is The Black Box Theater on January 26th assuming we don't get snowed out. ...slowly loosing my mind with all that's be going on lately... Playing that rocks n roll baby.. every day!

01.23.13 - Acid FM practice was a MONSTER Tonight! We worked with Mike Jamison and it was sounding really GOOD! We're gearing up for the shows coming up and everything is looking good and sounding even better. Jeremiah, Doc and Myself are having a blast baby... playing that Rocks N Roll every day!

01.21.13 - This just IN! Acid FM is the Headliner at the Somewhere Else Tavern on February 16th, w/ 4 other awesome bands, they include: 

Archimedes' Revenge
Miles Kennedy & The Noise
Screaming BY Me
After The Movies

Jeremiah, Doc Obergefell, & myself are are really looking forward to this show! BE THERE! I hope Mike can play this show with us!

02.21.13 - Here is the info for the CD release party show, Acid FL Live Saturday January 26th at the Black Box Theatre in Salsibury, NC. BE THERE!

01.20.13 - Acid FM Practice tonight was an absolute JAM! Doc, Jeremiah, Myself, and Mike Jamison! Mike was rocking tonight... Really looking forward to working him. Shows on January 26th, February 2nd, & February 16th... playing that rocks n roll every day!

01.17.13 - Acid FM rehearsal was a straight freaking JAM tonight! Lots of things accomplished, we are full steam ahead baby... like a freight train! Seems like we are so tight as a band the live sound is just beyond perfect! We also worked with Mike Jamison on some more songs he was ROCKING the songs with us tonight, sounding really good!

01.16.13 - Acid FM LIVE at the Tremont Music Hall, Saturday February 2nd, Be there! If you need a ticket, I can get you one and even deliver it you if you live nearby

01.15.13 - Acid FM rehearsal sounded freaking amazing tonight, ...just electrified! We ran through all our songs, Mike Jamison came over a little later and worked on some songs with him as well, that was sounding great! Looking forward to the 3 shows coming up, over the next week I should have a while new acidfm.com up and going! Playing that rocks n roll baby... every day!

01.13.13 - Acid FM practice Rocked tonight, we are finally working in a song called, "Greed Machine," I really dig that song too. Spent time doing that tonight plus working our sets for the upcoming shows. I am supposed to get in touch with Mike Jamison tomorrow to see about working some songs with him. Playing that rocks n Roll baby... every day.

01.10.13 - Acid FM Rehearsal sounded awesome tonight, we really had the place shaking. 3 shows coming up in January and February ... we are all really looking forward to them. I called Mike Jamison today and his surgery went well, glad to hear that. Too much to do... not enough hours in the day. Playing that Rocks N Roll baby every day!

01.09.13 - Acid FM is full steam ahead baby! Shows, Albums, Neck Ties, Contracts ... HIGH VOLTAGE!

01.09.13 - Acid FM Practice Rocked the socks Tonight! We're getting ready for the CD release party on January 26th at the Black Box theater. Also we hope to see Mike Jamison again soon, he is undergoing surgery tomorrow and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he gets back in the saddle again soon. Playing that rocks n roll baby every day

01.07.13 - That's Right baby! Acid FM LIVE at Tremont Music Hall, Saturday February 2nd. Be There

01.06.13 - Acid FM rehearsal rocked tonight... 3 shows coming up as of today and more coming. We worked on the set for the CD release Party at The Black Box Theater in Salisbury, NC on January 26th, plus spit-balling what our set will be at Tremont Music Hall. On another note Mike Jamison is having surgery Wednesday and because of that, he will not be working with us over the next couple weeks, hope he recovers soon and gets back in it

01.05.13 - Acid FM has yet ANOTHER SHOW! Acid FM Live Baby! Saturday, February 16th at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC! BE There!

01.03.13 - Acid FM rehearsal rocked tonight, it was good to be home from the travelling, not to mention Mike Jamison was over and we working with him. Justified American Music is very close to completion and we're looking forward to 2013! Playing that rocks n roll baby ... every day!

01.02.13 - is ready for a JAM tomorrow night.

12.31.12 – Happy New Year, from Acid FM to you!

12.29.12 – Space Jam Tonight, Cyndee Lee Rule’s place, A Psych Rock explosion!

12.27.12 - Myself, Doc, & Jeremiah all sat down tonight to listen to the final CD Master, "Justified American Music," almost ready for launch!

12.24.12 – We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

12.16.12 - The Acid FM show tonight at the Black Box Theatre in Salisbury, NC was awesome! Looking forward to the next one January 26th! JAM!

12.13.12 - Acid FM Live! @ the Black Box Theatre in Salisbury, NC Saturday December 15th. Doors open at 8:00, Show starts at 9:00! A Desert-Fuzz Hard Rock Explosion! Here is the event!

12.12.12 - Acid FM LIVE Saturday, December 15th, in Salisbury, NC at the Black Box Theatre (inside the Looking Glass Artists Collective). Here is the Event Info: BE THERE!

12.08.12 - Acid FM Live @ the Black Box Theatre, December 15th be there! Click here for more info www.salisburyartists.com

12.06.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal was awesome tonight, we have our set for the show at the Black Box Theatre ready! The upcoming CD should be ready by the weekend, and not to mention shows in NC, NJ, & PA. I am loving every second of it. Playing that rocks n roll baby ... every day!

12.04.12 - Spent most of the day in the studio with Jeremiah, getting some finishing touches done on the mixes, for the upcoming CD release. Doc was MIA due to being sick, Rehearsing tomorrow instead of tonight. Should have the album mixed & mastered by the end of the week. Playing that Rocks N Roll Baby.... every day!

12.02.12 - Acid FM rehearsal was awesome tonight, the set sounded strong, and this is the set we have in store for the Black Box Theatre show on December 15th! Also, we are putting the finishing touches on the upcoming CD and we should have cover art ready soon! Playing that Rocks N Roll Baby ..EVERY DAY!

11.29.12 - There is one last song to mix off Acid FM's upcoming CD release, Justified American Music, and then mastering will take 2 days max, and boom! Ready to mail off the master CD the manufacturer. It is sounding amazing. Playing that Rocks n Roll Baby... every day! Rehearsal ROCKED! And tonight was a first, we got the police called on us, Officer Gohlkie walked up and the first thing he said was "You Guys Sound GREAT!" We have been SO much louder, and I have had that space since 2004, and tonight someone called the police... LOL! Cop said he was going to come to the show on the 15th LOL! The CD is coming along well! Playing that Rocks N Roll Baby...every day!

11.27.12 - Acid FM had an awesome rehearsal tonight, getting the set ready for all the upcoming shows! Playing that Rocks N Roll baby... Every day!

11.26.12 - The upcoming Acid FM album Justified American Music was paid for today, and should be to us over the next month.

11.25.12 - Acid FM rehearsal was AWESOME tonight, we figured out the set for the show on Dec 15th @ the Black Box Theatre and got everything ready! Album is sounding great and it is in production now! Playing that Rock N Roll baby... Every day!

11.23.12 - I just got the rights to release Acid FM's cover of Black Sabbath's "War pigs," Mechanical License obtained and good to go! Another tune I have always wanted to cover! Also, the Cover song WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE as a digital download. Physical CD only, and there will only be 500 copies of it released, when we print the next CD run of J.A.M. the CD will not have the War Pigs cover! First 500 only! The Acid FM show at the Somewhere Else Tavern on November 24th has been cancelled due to lack of enough acts on the bill. NO - GO on Saturday November 24th! I knew it would be a "bleak," night since it was the holidays... but we were going to do what we do best... JAM!

11.24.12 - Acid FM has a show on 11/24/2012 at 08:00 PM @ Somewhere Else Ta... in Greensboro, NC http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/154888521

11.22.12 - Happy Thanksgiving from Acid FM to You.

 11.21.12 - Acid FM practice was amazing this evening... again we are gearing up for the show at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC on Saturday November 24th! I spent most of the day aside from rehearsal, mixing the album and it so close! Also, I have missed a couple messages that were sent to us here, on November 16th... apologies I am just now seeing them and I have responded to all of them... Playing that Rocks n Roll baby... EVERY DAY!

11.19.12 - In the Studio mixing Acid FM's upcoming CD, J.ustified A.merican M.usic!

11.18.12 - Acid FM is gearing up for the show at the Somewhere Else Tavern on Saturday November 24th. Rehearsal tonight was awesome and we are all really looking forward to that show. The mixing is coming along beautifully; The J.ustified A.merican M.usic CD is on its way! Playing that Rock N Roll Baby... Every day!

2 more Acid FM shows booked, both at the Black Box Theatre in the Looking Glass Art Collective:
Saturday December 15th 2012
Saturday January 26th 2013 (CD release party)

Acid FM is full-steam AHEAD Baby! Shows are being booked everyday... "http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/153665573

11.16.12 - Acid FM LIVE at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC. Saturday November 24th. I don't have an exact time but the date is confirmed! BE THERE! Acid FM Practice tonight was ELECTRIFIED & downright AMAZING SOUNDING! The Mixing of J.A.M. is well over half way done and will be ready soon. Videos, Interviews, Tours, & T0shirts all kinds of stuff coming up soon! Looking forward to it, Playing that rocks n roll baby... every day.

11.14.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal Rocked this evening, lots to do, lots of shows coming up, lots of mixing to do, a 2 month tour is in the works starting this coming May, ... was on the phone with the tour manager today, festivals baby! A total of 7, daytime festivals (as of now) are being submitted too. Plus 2 months of night shows on the same day, the manager asked me, "SparX, can you pull 2 sets in 1 day?" and I said, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS," Acid FM is going to get launched across the USA like a bullet, and we're headed straight for you BABY! The Rock n Roll hollow points!

11.12.12 - Mixing like a MADMAN! Album is awesome, and is so very close to completion.

11.8.12 - Acid FM Reharsal was AWESOME this evening... and, Doc Obergefell said it, Jeremiah Johnson says it ALL the Time.. The word is J A M! .... That is title of the upcoming Acid FM CD. 


that’s right! Album title Named! Thanks to everyone who submitted, it WAS A LONG and TEDIOUS PROCESS to come down the final name, but there it is. Playing that rocks n Roll baby! .... Every day! Love it!


11.07.12 - Mixing the Upcoming Acid FM CD now, new songs will be uploaded soon!

11.06.12 - Rehearsal tonight was awesome, we all three sat for a while trying to come up with a name for the record, the contest is still in effect, so ... as soon as we go through all the possibilities, and get a winner, we will contact that person.

WANT A FREE ACID FM CD with your name in the credits?...My Band Acid FM needs a name for this upcoming Full-length CD release, the self-titled name "Acid FM," is reserved for later, so... think of a killer name for the record, and aside from having your name in the CD's liner notes, you'll get 2 free copies mailed to you at no cost... IF WE USE THE TITLE YOU THINK OF, comment or message me. You have until this Thursday November 8th.

11.04.12 - The Mixes are sounding spectacular! This record will be one helluva a release! Rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, should have some tracks uploaded soon! Rehearsal tonight was ROCKING! Some New Tubes fixed a minor issue with my amp! Mixes are ROCKING! EVERYTHING IS ROCKING! Playing that Rocks N roll baby!... EVERY DAY!

11.01.12 - Acid FM rehearsal rocked tonight, as soon as rehearsal was over it was back to mixing, and we're doing it now. Absolutely awesome JAM tonight, looking forward to Sunday and getting this record released. Playing that rocks n roll baby... EVERY DAY!

10.31.12 - Final Mix and Master on the upcoming Acid FM CD will happen over the next week or so (doing it now), we have been met with some delays on completion but it's coming like a freight train baby!, and when it's here you'll know it! Acid FM practice tonight Rocked, we reflected on the show and have a new sense of ..."where it's at," and that is LIVE BABY! We are ready for as many shows as we can get, ... WORLD BRING 'EM ON! Acid FM has a fever, and that fever is LIVE BABY! Playing that rocks n roll ... EVERY DAY!

10.30.12 - Mixing the Upcoming Acid FM Studio CD right now! Added a new video: "Acid FM Live "http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/149026631  Ask and you shall receive! This is a LIVE track from our show at The Somewhere Else Tavern on 10.26.12. The monitoring was kind of screwy because I couldnt hear my voice all that well, to name a few things... but overall it went. This song is on the upcoming Studio Album! 



10.29.12 - There is a LIVE Video being edited right now of the show this past Friday Night at the Somewhere Else Tavern. It's LIVE, and it is a pretty version of the studio track! I will be uploading about an hour or so from this post. Playing that rocks n roll baby Everyday!

10.28.12 - Acid FM is swamped! The show at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC this past Friday was AWESOME! They had this automated Video & Audio recording setup so we got a LIVE show recorded for free, and a hi end DVD quality video of the entire show. I haven’t even had a chance to watch it yet, none of us have. Photographer has showed me a couple pictures on facebook, haven’t got photos from her yet...Mixing the album... 4 different out-of-state promoters have called me today... you name it... I have been on the phone for 6 total hours today ...CRAZY & GOOD! Songs, Videos, coming soon, we are getting it all done! ...playing that rocks roll baby... EVERY DAY!

10.25.12 - Acid FM show tomorrow night at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC, doors open at 7:00 we should take the stage around 10:00 pm.

10.23.12 - What a crazy cool day! We plastered flyers all around Greensboro, NC today for the show at the Somewhere Else Tavern on Friday, stopping by at least 3 bars on the way, met & greeted lots of people, then came home & rehearsed all evening. Rehearsal ROCKED, nailed our set to a TEE! Acid FM is full steam AHEAD! Like a Freight train! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby... EVERY DAY!

10.22.12 - Also, a quick reminder there will be new Acid FM material uploaded on facebook in the next 7 to 10 days ... hopefully sooner.

10.21.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal tonight was freaking Phenomenal! Our set, the songs, everything is strong & razor sharp! We're like three wild-eyed crazies ready to be shot onto a stage! Acid FM Live at the Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, NC on October 26th! We're going to blow the roof off that place! Playing that Rocks N Roll Baby... EVERY DAY!

10.18.12 - Tonight I am sure we will be getting all the details together for our 35 minute set at the Somewhere Else Tavern, on October 26th looking forward to that show.

10.17.12 - Mixing the Upcoming Full Length Acid FM CD now and for the rest of this week! My ears are going NUMB! Actual release date details coming soon! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby Everyday! Acid FM LIVE! @ The Somewhere Else Tavern, Greensboro, NC Friday October 26th. This will be the first Acid FM show as a Power Trio, with the insanely talented Doc Obergefell, Jeremiah Johnson, and myself (Sparky Simmons)... I better see lots of you there! Event Details: 

10.15.12 -
We have thought, and thought about this... we need a name for this album and the proverbial self-titled album "Acid FM," is reserved for later... so, think of a killer name for the CD, if we use the name you think of, aside from having your name in the CD's credits, you'll get 2 free copies it, mailed to you at NO COST! To quote my good friend Jeremiah Johnson ... J-A-M!

Also, right now Jeremiah, Doc, & myself are throwing around the idea of releasing a "Live," version of the studio album, along with the studio album, & when I say live I mean everything recorded as we are performing it... no overdubs, or layers... Here is the catch though... this "Live," version would be an exclusive MP3 download with the PRE-ORDER purchase of the CD. It is only available as a FREE Bonus download; after the album is officially released... that's it. Also, "War Pigs," will NOT be included in this LIVE album. ...Thoughts?... anyone?

It's pretty much common knowledge that Acid FM is going to release a Black Sabbath cover tune, none other than "War Pigs," I am going to record vocal tracks to that tonight and that's it. The album is officially recorded, and in post production! Playing that Rocks n Roll baby ... EVERY DAY!

10.14.12 - Acid FM Practice tonight ROCKED! Aside from the set... we wrote the 11th LIVE song tonight, and this is awesome because I could let my voice rest and focus on this new tune, it's completed except lyrics and those are coming soon! Playing that Rocks n roll baby! ... Every day!


10.10.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal ROCKED tonight! Jeremiah and I (Sparky) are going to be in session all day recording vocal, the LAST BATCH TOO! I am so ready to get this record OUT! SO very soon! Plaing that rocks n roll baby ...EVERY DAY!

10.08.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal Rocked this evening, the Full Length CD, Lives Dates, Videos, Press, ...so much happening! We are all looking forward to it, Thanks so much to everyone for the support in making this one helluva send-off! Playing that Rocks n' Roll baby! Every day!

10.07.12 - This 12 song Acid FM CD will be a milestone for us as a band. It has been WAY TOO LONG COMING! In production now! Playing that Rocks N Roll baby!... EVERY DAY!

10.04.12 - Acid FM rehearsal absolutely rocked tonight! Jeremiah Johnson, Doc Obergefell, and myself jammed like CRAZY! As we were done... BOOM! back to mixing the Acid FM CD! Playing that Rocks n Roll Baby!... EVERY DAY!

10.02.12 - Crazy Week! MIX MIX MIX, OMG.... my ears numb and damn near non-objective anymore, NOT the first time that has happened! Doing that Rock N Roll Thing Baby... Every day!

10.01.12 - We are ready to play-out anytime... press packages are almost done, we are booking SHOWS! If anyone has any shows let us know! Doing that Rocks N Roll things baby! EVERYDAY!

10.01.12 - We recorded some "last minute," material today and got it all DONE! This Full Length CD is going to ROCK!

09.30.12 - Well it's officially official, today before practice we all hammered out the details to the upcoming album, we decided what material was to be released, and the First FULL-LENGTH Acid FM Album is in Post production! We are going to release a 3 song promo and press CD of the 12 song CD! There will be one cover song on the full Length CD, none other than "War Pigs," originally by Black Sabbath. More info coming soon! Doing that Rocks N Roll thing baby... EVERYDAY!

09.29.12 - Jeremiah and I (Sparky) were in the studio all day while I recorded vocal tracks to 5 songs... (averaging about 5 takes per track) glad I can type, because it hurts to talk! Doing that Rock N Roll thing everyday baby!

09.27.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal was sooooooo perfect and tight tonight, we spent the first hour autographing 8 x 10"s... WOW! Mailing them all off tomorrow... Doing that Rocks n Roll baby!

09.25.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal Was freaking CRAZY AWESOME TONIGHT! It was tight, focused and perfect! I am Printing up Acid FM 8 x 10's tomorrow and there are 3 different ones... Who wants one? Playing that Rocks N Roll BABY! EVERY DAY!

09.23.12 - Acid FM practice tonight ROCKED! We ran through ours set twice, worked out some ideas for the album release, tour ideas... very electric night! That's right, the shows are being booked baby!

09.22.12 - Acid FM rehearsal tomorrow! Tonight, Vocals tracks ... lots of stuff to get done! Doing that Rocks n Roll things baby!

09.21.12 - Crazy Day today! Acid FM is in Full Force BABY! Playing that Rocks N Roll!

09.20.12 - We hated it, but we had to have a "real-life," day today and didn't to get Jam, my voice needed to recover to 100%, ...but that's OK, because an occasional "real-life," day makes the rock n' roll all that much better! Playing that rocks n' roll baby!

09.18.12 - Acid FM rehearsal rocked tonight, we worked our set, and finalized an older tune called "No Simple Plan," from the 2006 Acid FM EP Electroviolent Paradox. As of now we have just over an hour's worth of material for live shows. Playing that Rock that Rocks n roll Baby!

09.17.12 - I got a lot done today, really good day! I worked on some vocals tracks, and started storyboarding ideas for music video! It’s all happening Baby! Practice tomorrow night! \m/

09.16.12 - Tonight's Practice was amazing, it's one thing to sound good but, when everyone feels it... it's there! AND I MEAN REALLY THERE! We got a badly needed photo shoot done and some new Tunes are coming soon! Recording Vocal tracks tomorrow! Everyday Baby! Playing that Rocks n Roll! The Acid FM Photo shoot was awesome today! Thanks so much to Tanya Thorbin Barbee for taking some excellent photos, working with our ideas, and for her input. We actually looked pretty cool!

09.14.12 - Acid FM photo shoot tomorrow! New Photos will be uploaded sometime over the weekend. Some of these photos will be used in the release of the new album too! Coming Soon! First things first though, Photos, Press package, CD release, Shows!

09.13.12 - Tonight's Rehearsal went good, aside from some me wanting to throw some ancient 1990's delay pedals across the room just so I could them bust and... FINALLY GO AWAY! Then I would have to get more, doing that soon! Performance we are Spot on, just some temporary technical difficulties.

09.11.12 - Practice tonight ROCKED THE STUDIO! I have had some equipment issues, they are all fixed now and plus I broke out my new pedals so everything is as it should be! This Power trio is INSANELY AMAZING! RAWK!

09.09.12 - Acid FM Practice tonight was tight and strong as always! We started working a song from the 2006 release of ElectroViolent Paradox called "No Simple Plan!" 10th song in the set ready for a jam!

09.08.12 - Awesome Night TONIGHT! Acid FM Drummer Jeremiah Johnson came over and ran the studio control room, and gave lots of input on my vocals recordings tonight. We knocked out 3 songs in about 4 hours, it takes a minimal of an hour to knock out a song because I do anywhere from 5 to 8 vocal takes on each song this way I can find the perfect take, Tonight Rocked!

09.07.12 - Rehearsal was awesome last night, I am getting our press package together over the next week and booking some shows. I am looking forward to it. \m/

09.05.12 - Acid FM rehearsed tonight, it felt good and everything was perfect. Looking forward to some live shows!

09.03.12 - Currently: Acid FM has been locked away rehearsing and recording since April 2012 with the current line-up (best ever). We have an album that is in the works and will include a cover of Black Sabbath's, "War Pigs." We are also going to make a video for one of the songs, 2 of the songs on the album will be available as a free preview. We are going to premiere the current line-up with a live video presentation of Acid FM performing in the studio in front of our closest friends, this will also be available to see and hear. New 8 x 10 band photos, press packages, stickers, posters, T-shirts, & CD's will be available soon! A day without Acid FM is like a day without Sunshine! (No offense to those people who live in Alaska and have weeks without sunshine, hey Acid FM albums might make that time pass more easily)

09.02.12 - Acid FM is booking shows, not to mention a couple really big shows BOOKED for Dec in NY & NJ! I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I am in a band with 2 of the coolest and most talented people on the planet; Jeremiah Johnson on Drums & Doc Obergefell on bass. A Tour is being planned right now for early spring, everything is happening and it couldn't better!

08.30.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal tonight is going to rock as always, we haven’t missed one yet! Looking forward to seeing Steve Bowman, he's coming over and my good friend and former band mate Dale Sheffield too. Practice is starting to become a hang out and I don't mind it at all.

08.25.12 - With much discussion, Acid FM is going to remain a 3-piece for the moment. James Petrea is no longer playing guitar in Acid FM, It's just Sparx, Doc, & Jeremiah.

08.18.12 - It's OUT! It's Available for order! BLACK PROMISES - A CREDIT TO DEMENTIA! Check out http://www.monsterfuzzRecords.com/ for more info!

08.01.12 - Acid FM Practice ROCKED tonight, everything is proceeding WELL! We are all looking forward to some live Dates. Jeremiah Johnson, Doc Obergefell, James Petrea and myself all rocked tonight. \m/

09.27.12 - Acid FM Rehearsal last night was awesome James Petrea is working out well. Doc Obergefell, Jeremiah Johnson, and myself, were all impressed. I am recording and hopefully going to finish up all the new songs tonight :).

07.24.12 - Acid FM rehearsal tonight absolutely kicked ass! James Petrea came over and we knew the second we heard the guy play he was the guy! James is an amazing guitarist and was literally what was missing! Doc Obergefell & Jeremiah Johnson rocked the house, it was an ... "electric," night, it was in the air. James and I are going to work on some NON-practice nights to get every together! Going Live so very soon! \m/

07.23.12 - Rehearsing late tomorrow evening! Plus a new potential guitarist as well! Looking forward to it!

07.22.12 - Myself, Doc Obergefell, & Jeremiah Johnson all got together today (a non practice day) and we all made some decisions on minor fills & additions for the new 6 songs we recently recorded. Jeremiah laid down some tambourine & egg shaker tracks, Myself & Doc did some synths.... and they are all done now. The only thing left are some Rhythm Guitar tracks, Guitar Leads, & Vocals! And it will be mixing time! I also put the finishing touches on a Monster Magnet cover (sang by M Joyce Phillips Martinez,) this will be one of several bonus tracks, when the MM tribute comes out on double vinyl! Rock on!

07.18.12 - Tonight's Acid FM rehearsal with Jeremiah Johnson & Doc Obergefell was AMAZING! Everything sounded perfect! I have also got most of the pre-production done on the next Acid FM album and it is going to be a Monster! SOOOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO SOME LIVE SHOWS SOON, and getting this damn TRAIN on the Tracks... WATCH OUR WORLD HERE WE COME!!!! \m/

07.11.12 - Myself, Jeremiah Johnson & Doc Obergefell recorded all day yesterday, and we all absolutely rocked! Doc's bass playing sounded amazing, Jeremiah's drumming was phenomenal...and I was there! New Songs & Unreleased material coming soon :)

07.09.12 - Recording all day tomorrow! A New song will be posted in the next few days :)

07.06.12 - This evening's Acid FM practice WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Doc Obergefell on bass and Jeremiah Johnson playing drums... tonight was the best it ever sounded and felt. Acid FM LIVE soooooooo Coming VERY VERY SOON! We could play out live now as a 3-piece but so many songs were written for 2 guitars, and they don't translate without the 2nd guitar, so we are looking for the 2nd guitarist, he will find us soon!

07.05.12 - Attention: Acid FM is seeking a 2nd guitarist from the Kannapolis, Concord, Charlotte area, preferably someone between the ages of 20 and 30, in into Hard / Psych Rock. If you can play power chords and have a mind for rhythm you are the guy. I have a several guitar rigs you can use if you are in-between rigs, IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND, or know of someone PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY!

06.30.12 - Me, Doc and Jeremiah had a pretty amazing rehearsal on Friday Night... the songs are truly coming together, and last night everything just felt right while we were jamming together. \m/ We are still looking for another guitarist.

06.27.12 - Rehearsal was AWESOME Last night, worked on a new tune and it's coming together perfectly!

06.26.12 - A million things happening! New album out soon! Working on it!

06.21.12 - It's officially official, Jeremiah Johnson is the new Drummer for Acid FM. The guy has been playing drums since he was 8, and he drives Acid FM like a madman, speeding down the highway in a 1968 Pontiac GTO going so fast he's on FIRE! So Yes Acid FM is on FIRE!

06.19.12 - "...Every time I disintegrate." New Acid FM material coming soon.

06.11.12 - Aside from rehearsing with the live Acid FM act with 4 new un-recorded songs, I have gone through lyrics for all 78+ Acid FM songs (including a Sabbath & Alice In Chains Cover), ended up writing lyrics to 14 songs. All I have to do now is get in the vocal booth and record them. I am hoping to knock out 5 or 6 a day over the course of a 6 day week, so if all goes well mixing will begin in July! \m/

05.07.12 - Acid FM is seeking a second guitarist for rhythm/lead, local to the local Charlotte, NC area. If you are interested or know someone shoot me an email here.

05.01.12 - A New album is in the works and I can't wait!

04.14.12 - There is a lot going with Acid FM, including a new line-up, rehearsals have been going on for the last couple and everything is sounding awesome. I am so very close to having all the old recordings completed and soon the whole Acid FM catalog will be ready release!

02.27.12 - Space Mirrors / Acid FM 7" split review by Todd Severin Ripple Music. 

02.14.12 - The Official release of Acid FM's "Electroviolent Paradox," is coming soon!

1.06.12 - The Official release of Acid FM's "Electroviolent Paradox," is coming soon!

12.12.11 - Anyone who ordered the Space Mirrors / Acid FM Split Single on Red Vinyl will be getting an email in about 3 or 4 hours from now with the MP3's and cover art! EXTREMELY HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ORDERED & HELPED SUPPORT THIS! For those of you who DON'T know about the split vinyl... go here for more info! 

11.23.11 - Space Mirrors / Acid FM Split Single on Red Vinyl is available for pre-order on http://www.monsterfuzzrecords.com/ 

11.14.12 - The Space Mirrors / Acid FM 7" Split Single on Red Vinyl, featuring Nik Turner of Hawkwind is finally available for Pre-order on the MonsterFuzz Records Website! 
Who wants one?

11.09.11 - OMG! Got the Test vinyl’s back today for the Space Mirrors / Acid FM split! This is my first recording on Vinyl... been releasing CD's & tapes since 1994 ... but O-M-G! I just heard myself for the first time. Also... all the retail copies of this are on RED VINYL! AWESOME!

11.08.11 - Pre-orders on this will be up in less than a week!!

11.05.11 - There are times like today where I find myself repeating lines from a movie regarding my life and music... anyone remember the movie The Goonies? Sean Austin looked down into the dark tunnel with threats lurking all around him and said, "You'll never get out that way, it all starts here." LOL!

10.29.11 - Acid FM's 2006 6-song EP "Electroviolent Paradox," is currently in the process of being released this year, along with 5 additional from that time period, Sparky Simmons performing vocals, along with all guitars, bass, & synths having been re-recorded! Looking forward to seeing this album released!

10.25.11 - The MonsterFuzz Records Page is up and going Check it out! 

Designing some cover ideas SO MUCH TO DO! and I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!

10.22.11 - Up @ 3:30 a.m. working like always! ... Writing lyrics for a song! ....this is going to be a cool tune for sure!

10.18.11 - Today's Acid FM lyrics is ..."You're just the plot in my master plan," from the song "Subterfuge."

10.16.11 - It's 100% Official! Here is a list of cover songs Acid FM will be releasing over the next few months "War Pigs," by Black Sabbath, "Lunatic Fringe," by Red Ryder, and "The Wasteland," by Warrior Soul to name a few!

10.14.12 - The Company pressing the Split Singles on red vinyl (Musicol Recording - spelled like that) are shooting film of the Disc Labels to Print by ... TALK ABOUT DOING IT THE VINTAGE WAY! Here is a photo of my prints I am about to mail!

10.13.11 - Here it is! The Space Mirrors / Acid FM Split Record available for digital download only. It features Acid FM's "Space Beyond Space," & Space Mirror's "Dreams of Area 51," on 7 inch, 45 rpm, red vinyl, slated to be shipped on 12.12.11. CHECK IT OUT!

10.11.11 - AWESOME NEWS! I signed the contract for the 7' 2 track split single (on red vinyl) today with Space Mirrors (Featuring Nik Turner of Hawkwind) and this whole production is proceeding perfectly!

10.10.11 - I just uploaded every photo I have for Acid FM going all the way back to 2005. I will be updating and uploading more over the next few days! –SparX

8.25.11 -  What is it? It's a Tribute Album. A Tribute album to who? Monster FUCKING Magnet! Available on 9.06.11 exclusively through MonsterFuzz Records. I know I am notoriously bad about not updating this site, rest assured I am going to start doing so more often, along with all the others like facebook, myspace, ect... -SparX

10.03.10 - This page will be updated soon! There is a ton of stuff going on, and there will be indo here ASAP! -SparX

08.02.10 - I am currently in the process of getting every Acid FM Song ever written ready for realease! Going to take a few months but, that's where I am. Talk to you all soon. SparX

02.27.10 - The upcoming Acid FM album is currently post production, it has been recorded, and everything sounds perfect. I can't wait for the response on this recording. You will be able to hear it soon enough.  We are currently booking shows and getting this band out and back to the live world, all is well and I will see you all on the flipside. –SparX Guided by the power of Space.

03.01.08 - There is So much to tell...OMG...well first off there are two new songs entitled "Crux," & "Space Beyond Space." unloaded to myspace.com/acidfmmusic We just recorded, mixed, & mastered these in the last week, and you are listening to the absolute BEST of Acid FM. The six songs in the player are the newest, latest, greatest...Crux is about the apparent horrors of excessive drug use, and how no matter how much the "powers that be," try to remove drug's availability, it will always be up to the user to stop. "Space Beyond Space," is one our songs that is about ...whatever you are thinking the moment you hear it...yeah ...for all you newbie's...welcome to my world of Psychedelic Hard Rock.

02.26.08 - For the last 5 years...Acid FM has been SparX writing music, Doc writing lyrics, and then working with countless drummers....and then recording them, and getting it out there. Well I guess that time is over...because Doc is moving back to New York for urgent family matters, and he isn't coming back anytime soon. Doc and I are still friends and there is nothing negative between us, but...Acid FM will continue ultimately with me (SparX) writing/recording vocals as well as all the music except drums. In case you didn't know this...I own the recording studio. You guys know of what we have released to this day, but what you don't know about are the 50 something OTHER songs we have recorded over the last 5 years, and have never released, I am considering posting all those songs on acidfm.com for download, but that isn't decided at the moment, so...keep an eye out. Doc's email will remain... doc@acidfm.com and of course mine is sparx@acidfm.com I hate to see this happen but...I knew change was on the way. Doc I shall miss working with you and good luck on getting things together in NY...later bro. Acid FM will never be the same because Doc and I sound nothing alike on vocals...and I am not a singer by trade...I am going through a HUGE change trying to pull off vocals and guitar...in the studio it's nothing ...but LIVE...that's a whole new ballgame. I am used to being free to move on stage and now I am trapped singing...VERY DIFFERENT. I am working my ass off getting comfortable with my voice, while playing guitar. The tour is still happening, everything will continue as planned, except our latest release ....PHASE II...that is up in the air...I can say this, I am not going to release a record that doesn't have the singer that's on the record, no longer in the band...so...yeah. There may be a slight delay on PHASE II. The acoustic release will still happen....hell we haven't even named the acoustic record yet. But so you know...all the music online RIGHT NOW is all Doc on vocals. I knew something was up when I found myself OUTSIDE on February 21st around midnight, in winter,... Swaying to the lunar eclipse...It awoke something in me that I am still trying to understand, and I knew change was in the air. The next day Doc left Acid FM, and everything changed. EVERYONE Keep in touch! –SparX Solo like Han...just me and my Wookie!

02.01.08 -  Acid FM has finally released the long awaited online CD entitled "Revolution A.D." We decided to release this downloadable album along with our retail CD "PHASE II" because there were so many GOOD SONGS that didn't make the final cut for "PHASE II" . We hope you enjoy this FREE music ...and please crank it up...& melt your ears off! Mailing List emails will come from acidfm@carolina.rr.com Please allow us to reconfigure your psych!  -SparX

01.29.08 -  Acid FM will be getting in touch with its fan base starting Feb 1st 2008. Anyone who is a friend or signed our mailing list will be receiving some AWESOME PROMOTIONAL OFFERS. Please be on the lookout for this email.

Also, coming sometime for the month of February Acid FM will be releasing a FREE ONLINE CD of some acoustic (still psychedelic ) material. I LOVE THESE SONGS...that's about all I can tell you. We will email for this one as well.

Acid FM is also now available on myspace's music store snocap. If you HAVE NOT GOTTEN A COPY OF Acid FM's  first record "Electroviolent Paradox,"  you might want to get it, because I cannot guarantee how long this material will be available.

It's Official! Acid FM has just recently signed a deal with Monster Fuzz records.  Monster Fuzz's website & myspace are both under construction, but this is a new label with some new ideas on promotion and success for all its artists. I will keep everyone posted on when the sites will become available, (less than a week) and I hope everyone checks out these sites. I know Monster Fuzz is going to be rounding up several acts for a compilation CD that will be available online. Go against the grain...NAKED!  -SparX

01.10.08 -  It's a new year and time for some serious changes! First & Foremost, the promo CD's and promo items have been somewhat delayed mainly because our record label is ...No longer. I have known the owner of Surfaty Records for years and with much regret, and for financial reasons he had to close SurFaty Records. SurFaty may resurface sometime in the future but for now, SurFaty is over.

REST ASSURED, If you have requested Acid FM Promotional material YOU WILL RECEIVE IT, However, It may take some time. If you have filled out Acid FM's online form requesting promotional material, you will be receiving an email over the next few weeks to confirm your name, email, and mailing address. (WE WILL NEVER SELL, OR GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON) Please keep an eye out for this email. Due to the fact Acid FM's record label has gone under, we may have to add a small shipping fee for requested promotional material. All necessary info will be in the email, if you filled out the form and DIDN'T include the correct email address you will most likely NOT receive any promotional material.

Acid FM has recently recorded 12 new songs, not to mention the other 50 songs that have never been released. Acid FM is planning on releasing an online CD, complete w/ printable cover, jewel case insert, & disc label. There will be more information about this in the email.

Acid FM is planning a 90 day American Tour, to take place over the Summer/Fall of 2008, If you have filled out our online form we may contact you via email to help promote Acid FM shows in your area. THANKS TO EVERYONE for keeping Acid FM Possible!!!!

"Warp your brain and listen to music that makes your ears melt!"


08.07.07 -  WOW! We have had a huge response to the promotional CD offer ... rest assured, they are ON THE WAY. The CD's are being pressed by Surfaty Promotions and should be mailed no later than 4-8 weeks. Anyone who filled out our form on our website will get a CD! We have a limited number of press packages, T-shirts, Stickers, Etc. so they are on a first-come, first serve basis. So for the rest of the merchandise, we will mail it as we get it, again... if you filled out the form you will receive a CD. We should have them all mailed out no later than mid - September 2007.

I so want to tell everyone about the album, but I am going to wait until the first copy is in my hand, before I let the cat out of the bag. Keep an eye on the site for more information.

The Offer is going to continue for the moment. So spread the word!

Over the next few weeks, we are going to redesign Acidfm,com and there will be tons of more content and info about the band,  and of course some new downloadables for all you goody getters. This will be the most AWESOME acidfm.com to date.

Acid FM has lots of new material to prepare and we are preparing a 3 month tour as we speak ...not to mention EVERYTHING ELSE!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about the promotional offer. Also...send us a friend request on myspace http://www.myspace.com/acidfmmusic    

SparX:   http://www.myspace.com/acidfm 


07.05.07 - All right all you Stoners from the dark side of Neptune...LISTEN UP! I know you may have thought ACID FM Blasted off the Earth, well YOUR RIGHT, WE DID! We were headed straight for Alpha Centauri with smokes in our mouth, a beer in one hand, the other on the controls, and a stereo blasting A MILLION WATTS! The trip got cut short due to Cosmic Radiation coming from the far side of Doc and SparX's Brain. Either WAY ...WERE BACK! And...we got a new "Goody," for all you "Goody Getters." This is a ONE-TIME ONLY, FULL LENGTH ACID FM PROMO CD GUARANTEED TO SEND YOU STRAIGHT INTO THE HEART OF THE SUN and Melt your BRAIN RIGHT OUT OF YOUR SKULL! This Disc is 15 of the most psychedelic; Hard ROCK SPACE Songs Acid FM has ever conjured up! ACID CERTIFIED & FM VERIFIED!

 (Courtesy of SurFaty Records) Anyone can get this CD while they last. Acid FM and SurFaty Records are doing the snail mail thing, and they are being made now, if you want one ... here's what you have to do:

Click on the "Contact" button and fill out the form. If you live outside the United States it may take a month or two to get a CD ...But rest assured YOU WILL GET IT. Be sure to include your NAME and CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS! If you want more than ONE CD, let us know and we will try and send you what you ask for: This is a RARE AND FREE CD so get one while you can, because once they are gone, THAT'S IT!

Mega THANKS to Shadow of Roisel, he has been keeping the Acid FM Scene Alive on myspace, feel free to send us a friend request or post a message on myspace at:


SparX:   http://www.myspace.com/acidfm 


08.1.06 - Electroviolnet Paradox has been met with an awesome response so far! The CD went to 8 countries, including various CD chain stores via SurFaty Records. I wanted to personally thank everyone everywhere for all your help and support in making this first release such a positive experience. THANX!

We have also recently acquired a full-time live drummer, Ben Shepherd. Formerly of the band "Jim's Great Adventure," This guy plays drums like a monster! I have worked with many drummers over the years and this guy knocked Doc and I out of our socks! Doc and I are looking forward to writing with Ben, and getting some shows under our belt.

Everything seems to be in the right place. Ian Guthrie (original Slee Stack Noise member) recorded drum tracks to all of Doc and I's unreleased material... 17 songs! We are currently mixing/finalizing and should have some new MP3's online soon.  -SparX

07.02.06 - At long last Acid FM has finally gotten a 6 song EP CD done, entitled "Electroviolent Paradox." Released on SurFaty Records (7.14.06), this CD represents everything Acid FM is and stands

for musically. We have several hundred promo copies going Everywhere from California and NY to Australia and the UK. We have a couple copies we are going to give away over the net, after that they are $10.00 plus shipping. Get in touch and we will get you one, hurry we don't have many.

I have been very slack on getting this site up and going, but all the links work, and we are going to add info as soon as we get it. We are still without a permanent drummer and we are considering adding a bass player so  Doc can be free to do other things on stage. Check back for updates.  -SparX